Where to Buy Genuine Xiaomi Power Strip?

I'm after a genuine Xiaomi power strip (power board). Could it possibly be a mijia brand?

I've found several deals on sites such as Amazon, gearbest and banggood, but have noticed branding being Xiao Mi. From my understanding these probably are genuine but find it off that they've marketed the product this way.

If anyone could point towards a trusted seller I would be grateful.



  • I guess the question is… why?

    • Why what? Why do I want one? I want to be able to plug in adapters that are from overseas.

      • I'm using one now, it has 1 serious flaw - when the power goes out, it doesn't reset when the power returns - you need to click the power button again.
        Seems really stupid. Other than that they are good - look nice, good fits, decent spacing… But honestly nothing worth paying aud$ for. I think i grabbed these for 22 yuan in china at a Xiaomi store.

  • Mijia and Mi are separate branding with Mi being used prior to the creation of Mijia. Xiao Mi is an old format a lot of stores used for naming their products but they're still legit.

    • thanks Clear. Know of any deals by any chance?

      • Not at the moment. It's one of the few products I always actively search for but thus far nothing.

        Though it might be worth checking Fasttech's 15% off sale in a few days as they have them in stock and their prices may end up better than Ali.