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[VIC] 6L Tubs of Gelato $25 (RRP $55) ALMOST GONE + Free Delivery >$50 (Melbourne Metro Only) @ Zio Glens Mini Mart


Mod Edit 1/9: Additional 10% off stated prices with code GELATO10. ABOVE $50 SPEND Thanks samehada

Hi Guys

We are up and running again, I may tick over to click and collect only if there are too many deliveries.

Stock Levels:

Lemon Sorbet
Black Sesame
Mango Sorbet
Strawberry Cheesecake
Activated Charcoal
Tim Tam
Cookies and Cream
Golden Time
Raspberry Sorbet
Lemon and Lime
Passionfruit Sorbet
Blood Orange
Mint Chocolate
Rum and Raisin
Strawberry Sorbet
Salted Caramel
Fruits of the Forest

Please leave a comment with your ideal delivery times to make it easier for us to fulfill, there are a few deliveries that failed due to people not being home etc, which is cool but we would like to avoid

If you haven't received your order yet please send me an email so we can contact you and organise

We truly appreciate the support that we have received from this community, viva la ozbargain

We will fulfill all orders within 2 weeks

May contain traces of nuts but we do a deep clean before running nut flavours

Mod Edit 1/9: Additional 10% off stated prices with code GELATO10. Thanks samehada

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  • Not sure why noone has shared it. You can use this promo code GELATO10 to get 10% off. If you just ordered $50 then this will make it less than the minimum spend $50 for free delivery so it will be good for those who order more than $55.55

    Some of the flavours are just $12.50 for 5L (Turkish Delight), $15 (Rum and Raisin), $20 (Kombucha) in case if you want to meet the $50 spend.

    I really want to order more but my freezer is full with the Mr. Chen's Prawn Hargow, BBQ Pork Bun and now 3 tubs of 16L of Gelato…lol

    • Oh what … I would have so jumped at that because I ordered more than $50….

      Thanks for next time

      • In fact OP should sell more with the code, instead of buying just 2 tubs to meet the min spend $50 now ozbargainers will buy 3 to get free shipping :)

  • No green tea?

  • OH

    Also OP's User name….. ;)

  • Wow, bought durian and black sesame last time and they were mighty tasty…

    Going to need some recommendations!

    Interested in coconut lemon and lime…

  • +4 votes

    Did you deliberately post this after the wheelbarrow deal to encourage customer collections?

    • +3 votes

      lol we are trying really hard to provide quality customer service, but click and collect are a lot easier for us

  • I seriously need a bigger freezer!

  • i must be a potato, confirmed. ignore

    • Those are the 5L ones. The 6L ($25) ones are on later pages (Edit - you figured it out!)

  • How does this get delivered? No one at home on certain days/times. If no one is home do they leave it at the door?

    • +3 votes

      we deliver with our own fleet, we wont leave good unattended, which its why its important that you leave delivery instructions when you order

  • Missed out on the previous deal (the one posted a couple days ago), but jumped at this just then. Only just placed the order, but I have to comment… customer service is top notch! Looking forward to the delivery.


      Thanks mate

      • Ordered Durian + Bounty on Saturday, and received it by the following Tuesday (concur with majority of OzB residents here, delivery was mighty impressive).

        Durian - (disclaimer: I do have a bias on the king of fruits, so take this feedback with a grain of salt)
        Smell wise, not overpowering. Taste wise, subtle to start off, but the more I dig in, the stronger the flavour. Having actual durian flesh within the gelato made it even more enjoyable. This is definitely on my favourite list to re-order. The entire family thoroughly enjoyed it.

        Bounty - (disclaimer: not a massive fan of the chocolate, I like it, but not someone who would go out of the way to buy a bounty chocolate. Choice made by my better half)
        Taste… if you compare this directly with a bounty chocolate, you may be slightly disappointed, but this is understandable (as the bounty chocolate itself is almost filled with coconut. No expert in gelato, but I am guessing if the gelato is literally filled with coconut and chocolate, that might not be classified as a gelato… but again from someone who is not particular a big fan of bounty, if I would have simply bought the gelato not comparing it to the actual chocolate, I do like it. It is creamy and has a decent coconut bang to it. The mrs and little ones gave their 2 thumbs up!

        And once again, it is becoming rare to see such a level of customer service (personal experience). That for me alone is worth going back to support the business/product. Well done Zio (bukkake milk milk, or whatever you want to name yourself. You have a loyal customer in me).

        Next on the hit list - Matcha, Sesame, Activated Charcoal, Bubblegum… too many to bloody list them all…

  • Can anyone provide feedback on this? What would you equate it to? Gelato Messina? Really interested in this and can't see nonna to restock. Is it a particular style of gelato that their claim to fame is?

    • +1 vote

      https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/560732 read the comments on the previous post, towards the 4th page

      • there is no way that the gelato can be comparable to Gelato Messina at $4 a litre. Not to say it might be ok, but not at that level.

        • +1 vote

          We have a range that in my opinion is better than Messina, that we only sell in 500gram and 1 kilo tubs. But it is more expensive than the one advertised

    • I just got mine delivered today, not comparable to messina but definitely delicious in it's own right and much better than store bought ice cream/gelato. At this price it's very worth it so give it a go.

    • I got some hazelnut and green tea delivered. Green tea is good, taste like the stuff they have in Asian restaurant. Hazelnut is okay, but not to die for. i definitely prefer Messina gelato's hazelnut, simple but heavenly creation.


        Appreciate the feedback, its hard to recreate messina on mass production equipment, when they churn daily, its essentially a completely different product, which is reflective in the price difference

  • Hi bukkake.

    I have 4 tubs in my cart I put the chocolate in but last time you had dark chocolate in the 6 litre is that still available or is ot the same?

  • Cart is telling me you're out of lemon and lime I put lemon in there but if you have lemon and lime wouldn't mind if you could switch it I've added a note to my order. Ta

  • Can;t find any 6L stuff?

    • From page 3 in the link


      sorry its a bit confusing, ill tidy it up over the next week soon

      • all good, i shouldn't have clicked in because I just spent $100 on 24L of ice cream, wow…

        My fav flavor green tea was sold out though :(((

        Edit: Order #1446 - I have people home all day, so flexible delivery for us

  • Can we have an award for best user name on ozb
    I think we may have a winner with the OP here.

    Selling creamy gelato
    Username: bukkake

  • Any feedback on how the Strawberry Cheesecake tastes?

    • +1 vote

      its one of my personal favorites, the Jam we make from scratch in our factory

      • I ordered a strawberry cheesecake last time, got strawberry sorbet instead. I would be annoyed but the strawberry sorbet is delicious too. Will try get strawberry cheesecake next time

        • +5 votes

          Sorry, Stevie wonder works in the freezer sometimes, send me a message with the order details and I’ll fix it up

    • I ordered the strawberry cheesecake from the last deal and it's not as rich as the ones from ben and jerries or messina. It's lighter and kind of yoghurty. Tastes almost like non baked cheesecake. The strawberry flavour in it is good though and doesn't taste artificial.

  • Ordered thanks 🙏🙂

  • Live in Gladstone Park VIC 3043, is delivery okay? Approximate ETA?

  • Durian OOS :(

  • Missed out on Durian and Green tea, only really wanted those 2 flavours :( let me know if you get them back in stock!

  • The website is hard to navigate … damn…

    Anyways… i would love to pickup but im in Noble Park and thus Reservoir is outside my 5km bubble :/

    Mmmm i'm gonna be in the bad books ordering 2 large massive tubs of this with limited freezer space … but i cant help myself at this price .. lol

    Sorbet - mango, passionfruit or raspberry … so many choices … this isnt fair :(

  • Is it just me or are they all coming up as $35 not 25

  • Trying to order. Am in cranbourne but postage is coming up as $7.99 not free? Help please

  • +8 votes

    Just wanted to give some feedback as i'm sure a lot of people will want to know what the Gelato quality is like. Before covid we ordered a black sesame and green tea and were very pleased with the quality of the product. The black sesame was a particular favourite and reminded me of a dessert that i had back in Hong Kong.

    When this offer came along last week we decided to sacrifice some freezer space to get in some coconut and salted caramel. I must say that i was pleased with the gelato, the flavour is strong enough without being too much and the texture of the gelato is very smooth and creamy.

    The delivery and service has been a very pleasant experience and bukkake (lol) has been easy to communicate with. We have had some very happy kids in the house, and just seeing the sheer amount of gelato in those containers has novelty value! Hopefully you can keep this deal going for a bit longer - i'd love to see some new flavours too like pineapple or chocolate mousse!

  • Hi I would like to ask about storage. Should I set the freezer on cold or coldest?
    Since we are in winter I might have to alert the temperature setting.

  • Mango sorbet is coming up at $35 for 5L instead of $25 for 6L?

  • Hey dude Any Peanut butter Nutella left ?

  • Damn, missed out on the Mango and Lemon and Lime again. Any idea when you may have more stock?

  • Damn made dinner for kids and come back and Durian is sold out! Op any idea on when there will be more stock? Thx.


      I put some emergency stock aside,
      I’ll list it when all orders are fulfilled. Just trying not to disappoint anyone

  • Cheers mate, placed my order, looking forward to it arriving

  • Are we able to order now and set it for a later date in the future via the notes in the order section or even for pick up at a later date

  • Live nearby. Can buy in store with the same price?

  • Durian sold out again. When it will be on sales again?

  • Hi Bukkake, in your title you state 6l for $25 but the salty caramel show up in the cart as 5l for $35 and the white chocolate raspberry shows up s 5l for $40. Is this correct or am i doing something wrong.


      They aren’t the runout stock, that’s our regular lines, 6L varieties are 25$ Have discounted the 5ls now a little bit too, because we have the other lines on sale

  • Can vouch for the tasty gelato, we got two tubs this week and the kids love it.