First Choice Liquor Complaints and Escalation (Where and How)

Hello everyone

I had placed an order with First choice liquor store and it has been 11 days and they haven't delivered. Frustrated, as I am in Melbourne which is metro region and I didn't get any update from the store, I sent them an email to follow up. When I didn't get any actual response from them I called, a guy picked up. I explained him the issue he asked me to be on hold and then disconnected my phone. Thereafter I continued to contact them (tried various phones as well) but to no avail. Anyways then I went on to see their reviews- explained it all their service appears to be very bad and the worst part is they don't seem to be concerned about my sorts of issues at all.

I understand it is their business they can run they want to but I am caught up on this shit! Does anyone have any idea or suggestions as to how can I get myself heard? And escalate my complaint- it is simply neither fair or reasonable.

I am clear that they don't give shit about these issues or at the minimum they can't be bothered but is there no agency or complaint escalation mechanism for consumers? I can't find their own exec's contact detail , so looking for some answers. If there is nothing I can do then so be it .I guess I will go through my credit card company

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    Do you think they should change their name to Last Choice Liquor?

  • from FAQS

    In Store Enquiries
    I have an issue with something I experienced in a First Choice store. Who can help me?
    Our Customer Care Team will be able to help you with all of your store-related enquiries.

    They can be contacted by calling 1800 308 833.

    • Tried the phone number as well their email- Nothing worked

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      haha op please post pics of the email you send to the Coles group CEO

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    [email protected]

    I understand they both reside in Brighton if you wish to try some door knocking once lockdown is lifted…

  • I will, for sure write to these guys (mentioned above) but is there no agency that deals with this sorts of issues?

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    Damn, must be getting that urge pretty strong to be this upset about an alcohol order op.

    • Absolutely - it is bad enough with stage 4 restrictions and no alcohol on Friday or Saturday-gotta be kidding me man.

      Anyways I sent emails to the CEO's- ccing in First Choice customer service- lets see if it rocks their boat!

  • Call the store you placed the order from. They should be able to tell you the holdup with the order if any - price/stock issue, etc. The local store can't amend the order - that is from HQ who are supposed to call you but are normally quite tardy.

    • Local store- advised- cannot do anything mate- call 1300..

    • All online delivery orders go through a couple of stores. Port Melbourne and another one I can't remember. Is the issue an aus post issue or that the store hasn't received and/or shipped the order?

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    Do they have a FB page that actually has a forum for comments and some one on there that replies. If they do have someone there I would try that as that seems to work for me with other Companies.

    • I already looked it up- found nothing.

      • Gee don't think I would be ordering stuff through them. What a joke for CS.

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    Dealing with first choice (if something goes wrong with an online order) is like pulling teeth. They don't answer calls, and the staff in store claim ignorance and just tell you to call the same number which is seemingly unmanned. You get caught in a vicious loop.

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    They sometimes have some great prices, especially when they have cashback deals that are too hard to resist, but I have been burnt by them before big time. Same story as above, noone accepts responsibility instore, and you have to call customer service which when you finally get hold of someone they will try and help but nothing usually happens. And if it is through their ebay store it is even worse as the only point of contact is via ebay messaging which they don't answer. Good luck.

  • I've actually found their customer service ok in the past. One time what I ordered was out of stock, they offered a replacement which was worth much more.

  • Google reviews?

    • I Should have read any existing reviews as well before ordering. They are terrible reviews for the company, in my view (about 1.6*)

  • There are pretty significant freight delays at the moment with Australia Post, who I believe they use for their deliveries. So if they've already dispatched your order, I'm not too sure what else you expect them to do.
    If they haven't dispatched your order after 11 days then that's something else and can understand your frustrations. I ordered Monday night with them and it was dispatched Friday.

    • I expected, some one, at the very least, let me what's going on !I gave them $700- and didn't get anything in return, this seems to be an issue .I am confident I would have never bought from them if I would have been aware of this delay or of their practices.

      Anyways I am sure what you said is likely what they are going to say but other reviews for the company (product review and this thread) shows that other customers had similar issues as well. Ah well, like I said before bloody lesson learnt.

      • $700

        Sure you haven't already signed up for their exclusion list lol

        • ! Happy never to deal with this mob again anyways

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    Use PayPal, so you can claim not delivered within expected timeframe.

    Doesn't help being without alcohol though.

    I had similar situation in late March ($200 order on 22 March for next day delivery), which just never showed up. Took over a month to resolve.

    It appears they not to have fixed their fulfilment yet.

    • Omfg! One that case I think the lockdown is going to help with nothing else to do.

  • Anyways thanks all. My intent for opening the thread was to find out if there are any agencies or mechanism that allows escalation of my type of complaints.i guess the answer so far doesn't indicate it to be the case.

    I appreciate everyone who responded to my query. Thanks 👍👍

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    Send the big bearded guys on bikes to the store you called / ordered from.

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    Originally came here for the mocking, but have developed a sense of sympathy due to my own covid induced drinking problem.

    May the booze arrive post-haste and be guzzled irreverently.

  • Update——- There is no bloody update from anyone or the liquor I ordered! I guess, there is nothing more I can do under the current system of ours.

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