First Home Buyer Guide or Book

Hi everyone
I'm looking to become a first home buyer and was wondering if there is a good book or guide which can help me through this process. Thankfully I have a stable job, no debt and a 200 grand deposit so I think the time is right.
Thanks in advance.


  • Yes, there are many guides on the internet. Would you like us to guide you through the guides?

  • Talk to a broker then talk to a conveyancer once you're ready to buy. They'll have all the info you need and can tell you what you need to do.

    • +1.
      I got my first home 2 years ago, and wasn't sure on all the procesess. My broker and conveyancer guided me through everything.

  • What info are you after?

  • wait a few months….

  • +1 with going through a broker and conveyancer, the only thing I can advise you is to double check the loan offers presented to you and consider the fees and any cashback on sign up. Twice it happened to us that the broker offered us the lower interest rate available and on closer look, there was an offer with a bit higher interest rate with $2k/$4k bonus on sign up. I did the math and we were better off with the higher interest one (considered that we will switch again after a year or 2).

    I find having a basic mortgage account where I am allowed to pay in advance and withdraw if needed more cost effective rather than getting an offset account. Bear in mind that any perks like free credit card, offset account, etc all comes with a price. Not obvious of course so again, do your own calculation and review with your broker.