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Resident Evil 2 - The Board Game $86.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Usually this sells for around $120 on Amazon and similar prices elsewhere. Currently it's $130 at gameology, $144 at Goodgames and $130 at the Gamesmen. However, there's an Australia seller on eBay that for a long now has consistently sold it for $100 shipped.

Overall, to my mind, not a fantastic discount but still probably the cheapest it's ever been offered new. On Amazon it's been hovering around this price, give or take a few dollars, for about a month now.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Wow, didn’t even know this existed. And RE2 is one of my favourite video games. Interesting.

    • The RE3: Nemesis board game finished its kickstarter recently.

      Should retail mid-next year if keen.

  • I went all in when it was on sale last time (not Amazon)


    • Still shrink wrapped?

    • Wow, that's an incredible price. I completely missed that. The board game/base set is no longer on sale but I see all the expansion packs still are.

      I'm tempted to buy those expansions, being so cheap like that, but I've had the board game for about four months and I've only played the first level one time. I've found it very tough to find the energy to read the instructions properly and set it up and play it. That's partly why I made this post, because I was kind of hoping to hear people talk about the game and give me some motivation to get into it… Prior to getting this, the most elaborate board game I'd ever played was Monopoly.

      • I opened all of mine, checked out all the additional components but have only had experience with the first scenario as well.

        The game does a good job of capturing the essence of the video game (push mechanic, wading through/avoiding zombies, sudden zombie bursting through windows etc)

        However…from the amount of minis to the number of scenarios, i really dont think this is/was ever worth RRP.

        I'm and avid board gamer, and i find the rules to be easy-moderate level of complexity (then again, only read rulebook and did 1 scenario, could get more complex as mechanics are introduced)

  • How many STARS is it rated?

  • Having a blast painting the minis. Great distraction until I can round up the boys for a campaign.