Unique Melody Custom in Ear Monitor Sale on 9th November 2011 at 7pm EST

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Unique Melody is having once off sale of their IEM on 9th of November 2011 at 7pm EST.
Don`t know the details but the deals they had for other countries were fantastic. There would be people thinking custom IEMs to be waste of money but for others who appreciate fine audio, this would be great. I unfortunately have already ordered mine.


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    Pretty sure you need more details before it can be posted here (ie, price, savings, etc.).

  • Without any details of the sale, this post is more suitable for the forums.

    Moved to forums.

  • is it Australia Day in 6 days? lol

    well at least they won't make us wait on a national holiday to pickup a bargain

  • how fantastic were the previous deals ??? these things are…so freakin expensive. 500$ is the CHEAPEST pair (not including 'impressions') !?!?!?!?

  • Here's the UK pricing from their promo: http://uniquemelody.co.uk/launchpromo/

    Miracle - £675 down to £540
    Merlin - £575 down to £460
    Mage - £475 down to £380
    Aero - £375 down to £300
    Marvel - £335 down to £270

    20% discount on IEM's, free £140 Silver cable, USB Memory Stick, Unique Melody t-shirt, and an optional reshell discounted all the way to £90! Oh yeah, no dodgy hidden shipping fee's either!

  • free Silver cable, USB Memory Stick, Unique Melody t-shirt

    The above I cannot confirm.

    Speaking to them, the 20% is correct.