QLD Roadworthy Fail (Front Bumper Damage)

Does this damage to the front bumper need to be fixed to get a RWC in QLD? The car is Mazda 3 and the dealer here who we asked to do the RWC at the same time as a regular service said so 🤷‍♀️ I was under the impression that the cosmetic damage such as this was not one of the items on the checklist.






    for my years of experience reading something like this on ozbargain

    I don't think this need to be fixed to get RWC.

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    thats a joke! there's literally nothing there that impedes with the road-worthiness of the car (that little square box is usually an outside temp sensor). And the damage itself is purely cosmetic and has no chance of inflicting extra damage to a pedestrian if you were to hit them.

    Get your roadworthy done anywhere else and it'll pass. Let this be a lesson to take your business elsewhere, there's a reason they're called STEALERships.


      That’s exactly what I thought, unless it’s the thing in QLD.

      Interestingly, Mazda didn’t offer to fix it themselves and suggested that we take it to a panel beater.

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      That little square box is usually a tow point cover.


    I am guessing they thought this might be due to a collision. I have a similar one on my bumper it happened when I hit an old back in the back and the exhaust make a hole in my bumper.

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      I hit an old back in the back


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    Look at this

    4.2. Body, Chassis and Frame
    Any panels, fittings and structural components (internal and external) have sharp edges and protrusions which would increase the risk of injury to any person who comes into contact with the vehicle.

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      Came here to post this. Classed as dangerous to pedestrians if you hit one.

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      Yep, he needs to at least smooth out the sharp bits. Maybe, just maybe, 100mph tape might do the job.

      It is chuckle-worthy given so many pieces of junk are in QLD.


    Looks like a death trap, would get it fixed


    Thanks for the replies. We have another car to get a RWC for, so we will ask an independent inspector for their opinion on this topic. But it’s probably a good idea to fix this damage before putting it up for sale anyway.