Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Buy or Not?

I was always with iPhone from 3gs to few days ago.
Recently I changed to S20+, I love it
More function and better interface(one hand operation app) than iPhone
So I'm now interested to upgrade to Galaxy Z fold 2
I know it's over priced
However it's like phone and tablet together in the same pocket.
If you are with Galaxy fold1 plz share your opinion


  • Only if you have the money and willing to upgrade again not too long into the future.
    It's too damn expensive compared to everything else, plus it's the first generation of foldable screens which means there's likely to be plenty wrong that they didn't find during their own testing. The issues come out when the general population use it and improvements will be made in the second, third and future generations.

  • I doubt you'll need to upgrade again considering you've been with an iphone 3gs for this long o.o
    The S20+ should keep you strong for 20 years

    • +3

      Lol I think OP is trying to say they upgraded from 3GS to each successive iPhone.

  • -1

    I was always with iPhone from 3gs to few days ago. Recently I changed to S20+, I love it

    If I understand your timeline, you went from an iPhone to a Samsung S20+ a few days ago. Now, you want to upgrade again.

    I know it's over priced

    In the opinion of Ausdroid, "we expect it to be close to that AU$3000-3500 mark". Congratulations on your fat wallet.

    • i planned to buy iphone 12 pro max however i sold my iphone then i got s20+ …
      Actually i earned more money - good second hand value of iphone :)
      and sold apple watch and bought galaxy active 2 - earn another few $$

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        Are you hoping to find a smartphone that can automatically capitalise the letter "i"? Be prepared to pay big bucks for something like that.

  • What about a surface duo, unique and now runs android.

    • I reckon galaxy fold is phone + tablet surface duo is foldable tablet(inconvenient for 1hand and no external screen)

  • +1

    With the massive depreciation in Samsung devices, I'm finding a lot of value in a second hand Fold 1 at ~$1500-1700 mark. This puts it in the ballpark of other normal phone flagships and represents a 40-50% saving from launch.

    The new fold is undoubtedly better in almost every aspect but in my opinion doesn't fundamentally change how you use the device nor take away from its predecessors strengths (massive screen, foldable pocket device, great battery life). The software updates will also filter down to the OG fold.

    I'd personally wait for the fold 3 which may include SPen functionality and would potentially make it a legitimate all in one device warranting a $3K dump on. Then again probably not cos I'm a tightarse on Ozbargain and can't stomach the depreciation.

  • +2

    to Galaxy Z fold 2
    I know it's over priced

    It has a foldable screen. It's expensive, but not overpriced.

  • If you have the disposable cash and able to splurge on whatever you want, i would get it. Having a fold-able phone is pretty cool. I myself am far too frugal in my current financial circumstances.

  • Galxy Fold 2 for $2999 with surprise gift is in it's own class & not overpriced as there's noting to compare with (1st mover advantage). Definatelly not overpriced compared to iPhone 12 (we don't expect Apple to give up its profit). Here's hypiothetical comparison

    Another assessment here
    Galaxy Fold 2 goes hell of long way to addressing the shortcomings of it’s game-changing & innovative predecessor.
    "Screen, Durability, ability to multitask , as well as 5G, were the key issues addressed".
    Adaptable refresh rate from 11Hz (eBooks) up to 120Hz for gaming & movie viewing.
    Samsung's 3rd foldable phone delivered on its promise of demonstrating that most luxe foldable phone/tablet isn't just a $3k tech toy.
    Multitasking makes sense now. Splitting the Z Fold 2's large 7.6" display into multiple panes makes perfect 3 apps useability.
    YouTube, Gmail, Spotify & Microsoft Office apps will automatically get tablet-like split-screen view with sidebar & main app pane.
    It actually feels like a premium phone

    There's no waterproofing, no 512GB storage option, no microSD storage card or in-screen fingerprint reader (it's integrated into the power button).
    Instead you get VIP club for foldable phones -
    Galaxy Z Concierge program for on-demand customer service and consultation
    First-time screen replacement of $149
    Six months of LinkedIn Premium
    FoundersCard benefits: 12 month membership when you preorder. After launch, you get six months free
    A prepared meal from a Michelin starred restaurant through Tock
    Fairway Pass Elite through ClubCorp, which gives you access to golf clubs
    Six months of Obe Fitness online workouts
    $50 off Glamsquad in-home hair service.

    Good luck to whatever you decide.

  • I have also just got the s20 plus on its release (512gb version). I thought i would not need a new phone for another 2 plus years, however 2 months ago i met someone who had the first galaxy fold and they let me have a go on it… i was amazed i thought it was a load of crap when i heard about it and the price and the reviews online, but when i used it, it was amazing folding out to a small tablet thin yet you can fold it in half and fit it in your pocket, i use my phone a lot for watching content reading online browsing the internet and having that big screen inside made looking at content amazing and i have wanted one ever since. Now the only problem being … the price, for me it is too expensive to buy outright i just cant justify the 3k price tag it will be, im hoping there are some good contracts on this phone so i can sell my current and get it asap !

  • Current galaxy fold (1st Gen) user.
    Phone itself isn't too bad, front screen way to small, kinda find myself folding it out into tablet mode when I need to use it.

    That being said, I'm using my phone less because there are some days where I can't be bothered unfolding.

    There's definitely more pros to cons, great device for media consumption and games.

    Keep in mind that the galaxy z fold 2 does not come with galaxy buds in the box..

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