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[NSW] Mount Franklin Lightly Sparking Water 450ml $0.50, Sprite & Diet Coke 600ml $1 @ Officeworks, West Ryde


First post, I hope I have done okay. A nice deal for anyone or passing through nearby who would like to quench their thirst!

I am an adorer of sparkling water but often it is very overpriced when out and about. I figured for this sized bottle $0.50 is great to grab on the go especially if you'd like a drink whilst shopping for printer toners as I was.

Yellow corner border on the price tags so maybe available at other stores, I'm not quite sure?

The expiry on my water is Sept '21 sk stock should be still good. Just opened and it has great fizz.

Hope this isn't a dumb post, apologies if it is, maybe in the wrong section I'm not sure. But I am eager to contribute to OzB community and give back so this is what I hope to do.

Many thanks everyone and to the mods.

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