[VIC] Best Mobile Reception at Clyde North

Hello Ozb's, I'll be moving to Clyde North (Clydevale estate) and during our house inspection we noticed that both Telstra and Optus had serious network issues while data speed was good to nothing.
Peeps around Clyde North, could you advise if Vodafone is any good? Cheers


  • Best to get a SIM card and check yourself.

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    Hello! I live in Clydvale, with Vodafone and no reception issues in the estate. There are a few dodgy patches up near “Shopping on Clyde” where it drops to 3G for all providers, but in the estate I’ve never had any issues.

    Clyde North is a dead spot for Optus and Telstra as they don’t have any towers here.

    There is also a new tower being installed at Casey Fields that will broadcast Vodafone and one of the smaller independent networks (can’t remember right now)

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    I live in Selandra rise and using TPG mobile . I have no problem at all with the signal and data speed :) Good Luck

  • Sure means Vodafone's the best bet.

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      Make sure you buy vodaphone postpaid so that wificalling can be enabled for bad reception.

      • Thanks, mate for your valuable suggestion.

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    I live in Clyde North, there is a new tower coming up in Casey fields for Vodafone/Telstra.

    Looks like tower is ready and waiting for connection according to below link:

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