Strepsils Are Useless Hard Boiled Lollies?

I've had a pretty bad sore throat for a few days (I haven't checked for COVID, but am self-isolating), so today I had some Strepsils delivered to me. I quickly opened the pack and popped one in my mouth, hoping it would soothe some of the pain. So far I've had six and it's absolutely had no impact whatsoever. Basically it's just been a nice tasting piece of candy. I've also tried having tea with honey and lemon which didn't help much. The only thing I've found that helps is icy cold water.

Thought I would post so we could give Strepsils the OzBargain unofficial shonky award?

Edit 04/09: It appears I had strep throat. It was like a bad sore throat without the other cold-like symptoms. It got better as soon as I started using antibacterial liquids, and I think the hands down top recommendation is Betadine Sore Throat Gargle.

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    Stepsils are no better than hard candy
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    Strepsils worked for me
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    Strepsils only work for minor sore throats
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    I love random OzBargain topics


  • Betadine Sore Throat Gargle works for me. Life saver.

  • warm saltwater gargle
    chew on fresh garlic, let the juice reach your throat, instant antibacterial

  • Salt water gargle then betadine, also soaking the toothbrush in strong salt water really helps preventing you from continuously introducing it to your mouth, I had a really bad bout of the Japanese cold or covid at the start of the year I had it for over 2 months until I started with the saltwater ave betadine and I did use the anesthetic version of throat lozenges