Currently Overseas with a Woolies Prepaid, How Can I Receive SMS?

Hey guys, I'm in Singapore for now and will be here till next year at minimum. Right now I have the need to do some banking but it requires me to verify via SMS. My number is currently on a woolies prepaid that I've kept on a $10 recharge but it doesn't seem to be able to receive SMS. Is there anything I can do?

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  • From settings try connecting to any other networks . Can you receive calls ? If not sms wont work either.
    Contact woolies .

    • No, I got no mobile reception for that sim card at all. I was wondering if there are perhaps other solutions, something like the Wifi SMS that Telstra offers.

  • Depends if it supports international roaming, usually with most carriers that do support it, you need to log in and enable it on your account.

  • I don’t think Woolworths prepaid has international roaming.
    If you had a Woolworths plan there’s a roaming add on but it’s ridiculously expensive so probably not worth changing.
    You could port your number to Aldi if someone in Australia can sort out the SIM for you. That would probably be the cheapest way of doing it.
    Maybe you can change your address and phone number with your bank to your Singapore details.

    • Porting won't work as you will need to receive an SMS verification code on old SIM for port to proceed

  • I just moved to Woolies mobile because it does have international roamng and data. You just need to buy the right pack

  • Have you contacted your bank to see if they can help out? I remember having the same issue with my ME Bank account when living in the UK. I ended up using their chat service and they provided the verification codes needed to use this. Another possibility, do you have a trusted family member back in OZ that can do this on your behalf?

    • That's one avenue I could try out, thanks. Hopefully they can help me with this issue, I'm with NAB though.

      • Yes. I had the same issue a few years ago - call your bank.

        Also, some banks allow you to download an app to generate the OTP rather than getting it via SMS.

  • If your with Commonwealth bank they send the code through the app as well via push notification

    • Unfortunately I'm with NAB, I'm using their app to add a new payee but it requires sms verification.

    • Bank Australia does this too, and their app and customer support are amazing too
      Quite forward thinking which is refreshing

  • Have family or friend buy and activate an aldi sim, then mail it to you. I did that few months ago, note: it took 6 weeks for it to get to Singapore, this was when flights just started getting cancelled.

  • A few years ago I was in Indonesia for a couple of weeks and Citibank's phone support simply switched to my temporary Indonesian number. But for some reason the SMS verification would take 10 minutes to arrive.

  • Twilio, is an option. will cost about $6 month for the number. If you have any programing experiance you can also set it up to forward messages over Whatsapp, txt, email, facebook messanger, telegram or anything.
    Some banks will also allow you to change to an overseas number

  • If you plan to use an overseas mobile number while you're out of Australia or need to deregister for SMS Security, please give us a call on 1300 651 656 or +61 3 8641 9886.
    From nab website
    Call them - maybe you can get a local sim and they can use it.

    • You can change it provided you have your last mobile number. I did this a few days ago, also overseas. I'm not so sure if you can use an overseas number.

    • Wouldn't they need me to call them or at least have access to my registered phone number? Right now my aus sim can't call/sms so they might have trouble authenticating.