Has Anyone Here Ever Won a Stack Competition?

I'm trying to suss out whether Stack actually gives their prizes to people or it's just a lie and either nobody receives anything or only the people they know win.

I went through months and months of 'winners' and nobody ever claimed to be a winner of a Stack comp…

I mean, if nobody ever wins anything, it means they have to pay zero dollars to increase their email base substantially every time.

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  • Not me… I do remember a few years back entering a heap of Choosi comps and nobody ever won, nor was there a winner published as stated in Terms and Conditions.

    I'd hope Stack is real though.

  • I am assuming you mean Stack the website that's affiliated with JBHifi? If so I would very surprised if they weren't legitimate. Jbhifi is a major and high profile Australian company so it's in there interest to give out the prizes and not risk their reputation. Besides most of the prizes are probably supplied free by affiliated companies whose products Jbhifi sells.

  • Nope. Might just be me.

  • A few years ago I won three 25wol Stack competitions in the same month. I entered 5 minutes before closing time on the last day of each competition. The prizes just turned up in the mail and winners weren’t ever announced online.

  • only the people they know win.

    Much more common than you think

  • I won but never got my prize

    • Really? What did you supposedly win?

      • A movie prize pack that included
        A notepad
        A laptop carry case

        I just wanted the laptop carry case

    • -1

      Did you try to follow it up?

      • -1

        Yes the messages are seen but no reply

        • That's crappy. I'd escalate (try calling etc), though obviously you shouldn't have to. But if the prize was worth winning they shouldn't get to keep it.