Buying Gift Cards at Coles Using eGift Cards

With the eBay Plus deals, I was looking to buy some eBay Gift Cards to save a bit of extra money.

However, I am not sure if you can purchase Gift Cards using eGift Cards from Coles. I've seen mixed answers and wanted to ask the Forums for help. If it is possible, how do you go about it? (i.e do you use Self Checkout, the counter etc)

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  • Call Coles

  • Phone 1800 455 400

  • I have done it at Woolies before, no problem at all. Used a prepaid eftpos card to buy a visa card because I wanted to buy things online. I would recommend going through a regular checkout, not self serve.

    • Used a prepaid eftpos card to buy a visa card

      OP wants to use Coles eGift cards to buy gift cards. The eftpos gift card is different, and is more similar to a regular Debit eftpos card.

      • No, he never said that. He just said he wants to use e gift cards he wants to buy from eBay to use in Coles. He never said he was going to use Coles branded e gift cards (if that even is a thing)

        • Ahhh yeah, I wanted to use Coles eGift Cards.

          Sorry for any confusion

        • seriously mate, you have a reading comprehension problem, English is not my native and it's not that hard to understand what he want to say. Where else can you use Coles egiftcard to buy giftcard? Woolies?

  • Technically you're not supposed to be able to, but some places might not have restricted it.

    • I guess the only way to test is to actually go myself lol.

      Cheers for the input

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    You can purchase. Although it states in the terms and conditions that u cannot use there is no technical restriction. If doing at self checkout your egiftcard needs to have the full amount and the attendant has to approve the purchase. At manned checkout u can split payment as well.

    The only issue arises if the staff insist on following the terms and not allow u.

  • Try pressing split payment then gift card.

  • I've usually had no problems doing so
    I've read somewhere to make sure the transaction can be made in a single egiftcard payment (ie can't split payments) but I've never tried that. Has always worked for me on a single eGc payment at self checkout

    • You cannot split payment at Self checkout but at manned checkout you can. I have purchased both ways.

      • Yes this is what I have done also many times. Some stores train their staff not to do it but in others there is no problem. When you use the self check out you can disguise that you are using a GC.