What Are The Best Value Fitness Trackers?

What Are The Best Value Fitness Trackers?

Doesn't have to be a watch, maybe a chest strap that then connects to your iPhone? Something I can use to run with and play soccer with (without my phone in my pocket or close by) that can be viewed afterwards by uploading the data to the phone?

What are the cheapest items that can do this? I'm happy to buy something second hand as well. Just to measure where I am and measure improvements.



  • Dont just go for the cheapest one, also look for how accurate it is.

  • Mi band 5

  • So many options…

    What kind of data do you want? Heart rate, distance, sleep tracking, with or without built-in GPS, decent battery life? How much can you pay?
    Then you have to consider that some devices require a subscription, and you might have to compare the benefits and decide if you need a subscription or not.

    Check some videos on Youtube comparing accuracy and other functions that are important to you.

    Then, you check specific models and read reviews (e.g., Fitbit has screwed Fitbit Charge 4 with an update and hasn't managed to correct the problem after a few months), how is support and how often are the devices updated, exclude brands that you don't want for whatever reason if that's the case (e.g., Chinese, American)…

  • Don’t get a chest strap. Pain in the bum - unless you aren’t allowed to wear a watch while you want to gather data (eg in a soccer game)