New Movie/Games UK price comparison, deals website: Faraway Deals

I've just completed a movies/games price comparison/deals website that was a bit of a pet project, used to learn some new web design techniques as well as refreshing existing skills. I've been using it to help me spot good movies and games deals on Amazon UK/The Hut/Zavvi, to either post them on OzB (like the last couple of deals I posted), or to heap further abuse on my credit card. It's nothing new, but it does have a price history chart showing prices from the last 31 days, and lists the items that are at their lowest prices (in the last 31 days) in the "movers & shakers" section, ordered by biggest price drops. Before anyone asks why only 3 stores for the price comparison, the answer is that because it was the easy thing to do (thanks to the stores' official price feeds). Here's the link (Full disclosure: website has affiliate links):