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[eBook] Free: "Beekeeping For Beginners: A Starter Guide Book On The Basics" $0 @ Amazon AU, US


Here are just some of the things you'll discover inside this Beginner's Beekeeping Guide Book -

  • The Main Benefits for Keeping Bees
  • What You Must Know In Order to Get Started
  • The Exact Equipment You Will Need to Succeed with This
  • Where to Position Your Hives For Best Results (getting this wrong can mean serious trouble!)
  • The Different Types Of Honey Bees & Ones You Can Expect to Keep
  • Each Bee's Purpose For Keeping The Hive Going
  • What You MUST Do To Care For Your Bees When Seasons Change
  • How To Deal With Problems With Your Hive When They Occur
    And much more!

US Link

Credit to dealdroid @ hukd

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  • +7

    Oohh a freebee. I can feel the buzz, I hope there's no sting the tail.

    • You win. No other comments required. Mods, lock the post.

  • +1

    This should keep us beezy

  • +2

    I don't understand what's the all buzz?

    • +2

      Honey …. $0 free ebook is a 'sweet' deal.

      • +1

        this thread seems to be a hive of activity. i'm not going to drone on about how important bees are to life on this planet.

  • +1

    just the thought of missing out gives me hives.

  • +2

    Bees or beads?!

    • +1

      “Who’d want a bee as a gift?”

  • So happy to have this.

  • +2

    Quite a short book, but fairly decent with good information. It's northern hemisphere based so the given months are wrong but that's easily sorted. CCD isn't really a problem here though.

  • I thought this said bookkeeping for beginners…

  • -1

    Seems to bee a mad deal

  • +1

    Northern Hives of different type, also great


  • Now I can keep all the bees

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