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Froothie Optimum 8200 $255 Delivered @ Froothie Australia



I just stumbled across this. Perhaps anyone is in the market. Australian owned. But not Australian made so far I understand.

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Froothie Australia
Froothie Australia

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  • These are fantastic blenders. Good value at this price.

  • Ah yes. The old new member who stumbled across the deal. With a profile pic as a spy šŸ˜†

  • This kitchenaid one any good? Discounted quite heavily..

  • Definitely not a bad blender, but if the budget allows I'd say the 9400/9200 are way better.

    I got a couple of these ones for the folks and grandparents and they've been great, but they do have a habit of shaking themselves across the benchtop, and shaking the lid off, if you don't hold them down.

    I have the 9400 and a friend has the 9200 and they have no such problem; I just crank mine up and walk away (cause it's so damn loud).

    Great, powerful blenders though, easy to clean and I've had great support from Froothier too. Price wise they're regularly on sale though from what I've seen, this price is good but don't know if it's outstanding.

  • Good value at this price with a five year warranty. We've got the very similar Omniblend, but only got it instead of this (after a fair bit of research) because I found a used brand-new one on GT.

  • When I ordered the other week they had a code through Facebook that was FB20OFF that gave another $20 off. I don't know if that is still going as well.

  • You're better off with a $99 blender from Kogan. Does the same thing at 1/3 the price!

    • If you want replaceable junk, for sure.

      • Rubbish! Another one that buys into the stupid marketing. I have 2 generic no brand commerical blenders, 1 from Kogan and 1 from Ebay both bought 8 years ago and still going strong. Cheaper does not equate to junk mate.

  • Just checked a few reviews online and it almost seems like too good to be true to the point where I am not sure if the reviews can really be trusted. Their dubious pricing strategy (Always on SALE with inflated RRP) and comparing their products to other brands by naming and shaming other brands parts and calling their product superior all looks like a marketing ploy to be honest.
    Example -
    There is a review which mentions that they wanted the customer to pay for return shipping for a warranty claim ? and threatened the customer to charge if the product was not found to be faulty whereas customer already provided them with photos / videos and other necessary information…

  • Purchased this exact type of blender and it is generic in a lot of ways.

    Would not recommend.

    Get yourself a vitamix if you want something to last.

    Original purchase as above lasted less than two years.

    Vita mix been going strong for 5 years now.

    • 2nd this. I bought one, didn't last. Poor build quality. Motor is powerful, but everything will fall apart around it.

      It's comparable to the $100 ones off ebay.

      • My 8 year old $99 commercial blender similar to a Vitamix is still going strong. NOTHING is falling apart and I use it to make soup, crush nuts etc all the time! Best buy ever.