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Epsom Salts 25kg $44.75 (+ $15.30 S&H in QLD – $2.24 Coupon = $2.31/kg) @ Aussie Health Products


Just bought this, and this was the best deal I could find. It's discounted from $47.70 to $44.75 at the store, and one gets the coupon above for signing up to the newsletter. Best on eBay I could find was $2.92/kg delivered (for 25kg), and Aldi's is $3.33/kg (for 3kg). Don't look at chemist and Colesworths prices (unless for a laugh!).

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  • Epsom Salts 25kg $57.81

    Will these also work on my Canon ?

  • OP what would you need 25Kg Epsom Salts for ?

    • Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too. Apparently the magnesium in it is good for members of the rhododendron family, like azaleas and gardenias, but you'd want to use it sparingly. Unless, of course, you work at a botanical garden and have acres of plants to fertilise, I suppose.

      Edit: I clicked through the link and the description says it can be used as a fabric softener. I suspect this is likely to use up a lot of it, as well as long, hot baths and healthy flowers.

      • Yes also works if your constipated .

        • Yes also works if your constipated .

          The rhododendron family don't eat healthy foods.

          Mrs rhododendron only cooks meat and potatoes.

      • Its used for a lot of equine things as well.

        I don't really know what (I imagine you add it to water and such), but I just know a bunch of weirdo horse women that used to tell me where to buy magnesium salt for baths.

    • Bathing. Especially children.

      • Why children? I thought the bathing benefits were supposedly for back and muscle aches.

        • Basically used the same way as table salt water baths after surgery, little cuts and wounds are cleaned. Used for medical conditions like cellulitis also.

        • Mitigates magnesium deficiency. In addition to relaxing muscles, magnesium calms the nervous system (and its lack produce anxiety and irritability). Especially children as it's hard to get them to eat leaves (which is where we get most of our magnesium from).

          • @wisdomtooth: Well it definitelty can't mitigate magnesium deficicency as bathing in salt it's unlikely that enough Mg would cross the skin in to the blood stream link.

            You are better off finding foods that they will eat that contain Mg. Most children like bananas and they have Mg in them. Lentils can be hidden in most meat mince dishes succesfully. They might eat peanut butter with chia seeds. There's quite a few options

            • @sween64:

              Well it definitelty can't mitigate magnesium deficicency as bathing in salt it's unlikely that enough Mg would cross the skin in to the blood stream


              Most children like bananas and they have Mg in them.

              They do, but not a whole lot. From your own link:

              one large banana packs 37 mg, or 9% of the RDI

              That's not a lot. What little kid eats half a dozen bananas every day?? And that would just fulfil a little over half the RDI! Compare it to leafy greens (ibidem)

              1-cup serving of cooked spinach has 157 mg of magnesium, or 39% of the RDI

              Our kid does eat lots of other foods richer in magnesium—chickpeas, cashew and Brazil nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, peanut butter and, yes, 85-95% chocolate—but the problem is that even those foods have become deficient in magnesium as it's been depleted from agricultural lands.

              • @wisdomtooth:


                “This is a patient questionnaires and survey in a fibromyalgia clinic at a tertiary medical center … Twenty-four patients completed the study”

                Patient questions and only 24 subjects. Not strong evidence.


                “supported by a body of largely anecdotal evidence … absorption of Mg2þ ions across the normal SC could occur under conditions of elevated temperature or changed hydration conditions (for example high salt concentrations)”

                This article is mostly full of speculation. Lots of coulds and maybes. It’s also kind of referenced in the article I linked that high concentrations may increase blood serum levels but they’re likely to be way higher than what most people use in a regular bath.


                The abstract doesn’t say anything about Mg crossing the skin in to the blood stream.

              • @wisdomtooth: I wasn’t suggesting anyone could get their RDI of magnesium from bananas alone. I was merely saying if your children don’t eat greens, getting them to eat bananas would be more effective than a magnesium bath.

                Fortunately it sounds like your children have a varied diet so I’m sure they’re getting close to their RDI of magnesium.

              • @wisdomtooth: Don’t get me wrong. Magnesium might be beneficial and it certainly doesn’t seem to be harmful. I bought 6kg from Aldi this week as my wife likes to bathe in it. I just wouldn’t waste too much money on it and considering you posted this deal it doesn’t seem like you will.

            • @sween64: You know whats crazy though, they've known that magnesium was too large to cross through the skin, but they have still found after taking baths that blood serum levels increased significantly!

              The current theory is it can enter through certain membranes including sphincters!!

    • Relaxes strained muscles via absorption thru skin apparently

      So if you play sport or do a lot of gardening you got probably a few years of relief, as it will not go off if stored properly

    • Good for sporting teams that want to buy in bulk as Epsom salts are used to reduce swelling in the body.

      Used it in the past for my knee which swells up a bit during intense exercise due to a history of ACL reconstructions.

  • $32.80 for WA shipping.

  • Can I pour it in a salt water pool, without negative consequences to my pool/pump/plumbing?

    • In my opinion the only thing it will harm is the salt chlorinator cell. Epson salts is magnesium sulfate, pool cells don't like sulfates. "Magnesium chloride" is usually used in pools.

  • Years ago when I worked as an apprentice mechanic, one of the older tyre fitters I worked with used to always help himself to my mixed up green cordial in the fridge. I asked who was drinking it and nobody owned up. So I dosed it with Epsom salts to find out who the culprit was, I found out pretty soon who it was as he almost exploded in his overalls, running with his butt cheeks squeezed together on his way to the toilet. He also made another 4 or 5 trips back to the toilet that afternoon. It was one of the funniest things i've ever seen, when I told my dad about it he told me that I used about 5 times too much for that purpose and it could cause serious issues - oops : ) . Anyway I told him what I did and if he continued to drink my cordial he would have take the chance that it could happen again, he never touched it after that.

  • I don’t think bathing in this stuff will give you any health benefits. I used it for a time to add Mg2+ ions to my water to make it more appropriate for brewing coffee lol. But I didn’t need 25kg.

  • Mix it up in your snake juice when you're doing gluconeo fasting for a super inefficient way to get some magnesium sulfate into those muscles. Would always opt for a citrate for this purpose though, tastes nicer and integrates more efficiently.

  • Put the whole bag in your bath in one hit to simulate one of those weighlessness float therapy places for $40

  • 33$ shipping ? That kills the deal. Making it the same price as Aldi