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[PC] Steam - Free - GameGuru - Steam


Same as the GiveawayoftheDay deal but directly from Steam so no need to get a key first. Just add to your account and keep forever.


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    Pretty sure I'm not going to bother after reading this lol.

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    Agreed. if you are actually going to make a game with this you will be having a hard time. there are so many great engines out there for free or dont cost unless you are successful.

    Unreal Engine

    These are a lot better options to wet your feet into game development.

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      Can vouch for how easy Unity is to use, especially with all the YouTube tutorials out there.

      Within a few days of mucking around with it, I was able to make an animated character, who could run around and jump, go through levels, along with some enemy interaction, too.

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      GameGuru is not really comparable with Unity or Unreal etc, both of which are infinity more versatile and useful, however have an associated learning curve. With GameGuru you can literally just drag and drop a few items from the library into the workspace and hit go, and have a working game.

      Haivng said that, GameGuru is derived from FPS Creator, and can really only be used to create FPS games. While it does allow Lua scripting, it's very limited and the dev(s) do not intend to add any extra commands. Multiplayer is completely useless, as it requires all players to also have GameGuru installed, doesn't allow for custom Lua scripts or models or anything else, and again, the devs have no intention to change this. They have already moved onto GameGuru Max, which doesn't really add anything except a better graphics engine and VR support. Still no working multiplayer, dynamic spawning of entities, or anything else particularly useful. It's fun to have a working game you can play in 5 minutes, however you'll quickly realise its limitations and be forced to learn something else anyway.

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      Throw the very capable Godot Engine in that mix too

    • Can unvouch for CryEngine. Yes, visually impressive games have been made with it, however it's a nightmare to use. Just don't.

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    Free is free , thank you.

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    I've had this from a previous deal and it seems to allow for first person type games. It's probably moderately difficult to build from scratch but I usually just use existing builds/templates and modify them (I actually found the Visual Novel Maker and RPG Makers more difficult). It's just a fun thing to mess around with (I built my house using this and filled it with zombies).

  • One more towards the OzB software “collection”.

  • Gameguru is literal shit, please do not use it

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