Buying from Hong Kong Mobile Phone Etopia Global

Previous posts advise against buying directly ex HK due to warranty issues but thousands of purchases are made annually on EBay and direct from Buy Buy Box, Tecobuy, Toby Deals, and similar. Has anyone bought from Etopia global in HK? They have a store front and a very competent website in English. Using Paypals HK exchange rate, their current price for a Xiaomi Poco F2 pro is approx A$500 plus shipping ( A$15) for 6gb/128gb. Warranty? is 12 months return to HK basis and no different to normal HK/China operators.
Any suggestions?

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  • This post reads like an ad for the company

  • It is a genuine query as to whether anyone has bought from them. Sorry if the wording didn't convey that. Simple question.

    • Dick10 "Simple question."

      Simple answer…
      Order from o/s you get the item dirt cheap but no warranty contrary to what they advertise.
      Buy local and pay the premium price and get warranty.

      The choice is yours.

      I have no hesitation in buying from o/s as the savings can offset the chance of a product failure vs twice the price from an AU supplier.
      Is the item you are buying a genuine global phone or a tricked up CN phone?
      As rough and riddled with errors Toby Deals site is they have repeatedly stated that their products are factory sealed genuine global units. I have never seen anyone receive one that was not.

      Do your research, there is plenty of info on the net, use it.

      Some of these businesses are the same one, like Toby Deals & Tecobuy is part of the network of the old EGlobal.

      Aussie Xiaomi forum on WP..

  • I've had no experience, but if you do get the phone and find it broken on arrival or have any issues in the first 12 months you will have a very hard time getting warranty actually enforced. It's pretty much up to the goodwill of that company.

    Doesn't matter how good their website is. You are entirely on your own if theres any issues.

  • Yes, that's what I'm worried about. Local Brisbane seller is playing with exchange rates. When A$ is strong ( HK 5.73 = 1A$ ) they maintain pricing but when it softens like recently to HK 5.64, they put price up by that amount.

  • A little more expensive here

    And shipping is another $35.

    But it may be worth it for you, since they have a physical store in Brisbane who can deal with warranty issues for you. Is that the one you were comparing to?

  • Thanks for all the inputs. After further research, found that listing for Poco F2 pro has been deleted after small price rise yesterday morning. Also not listed on Price. Enquiries by email not answered. Moral of the story is stay clear of direct HK purchases.