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Casio Men's G-SHOCK - The GA 100-1A1 Military Series Watch in Black $108.55 Delivered (Was $279) @ Amazon AU


Seems decent like a decent deal, used to have a G Shock and it was solid.

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  • I have the same watch in white do I need one in black also🤔

  • This all digital g-shock is pretty good at $114.70 down from $179.

    Has been as low as $88.17 in 2018 though. https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B000GAYQKY

    • This watch is incredible.

    • You're better off getting the solar-powered version of the classic DW-5600; it's only $15 dollars more and it'll last you decades.

      • i just replaced my own battery on my (6 year old) DW-5600 for about $4, but solar powered is pretty tempting.

      • Just note that this is a G-5600 and not a DW-5600. There are slight differences between the models apart from adding Tough Solar, from shape (no DW-5600 mods), has a better wrist band (softer), adds Multiband 6 (syncing with atomic clocks, although irrelevant in Australia) and a slightly less powerful luminescent. YouTube comparison

        • Well yes, if you want to be very specific and pedantic there are some extremely minor differences between the two that would only matter to the most OCD of watch nerds but for all intents and purposes, the G-5600E is a solar-powered DW-5600. The slight advantage the DW-5600 has in terms of its brighter back-light (a noticeable difference in the older-generation of Tough Solar Casios compared to their non-solar equivalents; nowadays back-lighting is pretty uniformly bright across the board on both solar and non-solar watches) is completely offset by the convenience of a far longer lifespan with far fewer battery changes on the G-5600E.

          adds Multiband 6 (syncing with atomic clocks, although irrelevant in Australia)

          Not on the G-5600E, that would be the much more expensive GWM-5610, GW-5000 and GWX-5600 models, which I feel are largely pointless (though I do like the retro styling of the GWX-5600), especially for residents of countries where there are no atomic timekeeping radio broadcasts.

  • I'd be curious to hear from any current owners - how does the all black watch face fare in the real world?

    • I got the Casioak model in black. So long as you use it in well lit places you're fine.

      I use mine for sports so on the bike (during the day) and in the gym. Legibility is fine.

      RIP trying to see anything when the sun goes down or in dimly lit rooms though (have to put your wrist up to your face).

      This one has auto light which I've heard kills the battery fast.

    • Negative or "inverted" LCD displays haven't ever been that readable on Casio watches, particularly when the numeral size is quite small as is the case with this model. Take it from someone with a collection of 15 various Casio watches (G-Shocks/Pathfinders/Edifice); as much as negative LCD displays do convey that mean/aggressive look well, they just aren't practical, which is a shame when it comes to G-Shocks since they're all about practicality and substance over style.

      If you're not buying this watch for its "blacked-out" aesthetic, I'd really recommend getting a GA-100 model with a regular black-on-white LCD.

      The only Casio watches with negative LCD displays that are actually readable in virtually all lighting conditions/viewing angles just as well as your regular black-on-white LCDs are the very recent and very pricey Rangeman and G-Squad models and that's because they have LCD dot-matrix displays taking up the entire watch face, that use a very fine dot-pitch for a much higher resolution than the LCD displays in 99% of Casio watches.

    • its fine as long as you don't read it at night in a pitch black room. probably should be a sleep anyways instead of trying to read the time.

  • In the pic, does that really say Thursday the 39th?

  • Comes up as $129.90 for me. Is there a code?

  • I have a couple of that type, diff colours. Don’t really use anything but the smart watch (apple) these days.

  • What’s a good non-smart watch for a 12 year old girl who wants a G-shock with hour/minute hands? Any good Baby-G models which would fit small wrist?

  • Can anyone recommend a place to buy genuine replacement bands? My G7900 from 2014 has finally worn out

  • Why is the price 127 AUD now?
    Is there any coupon or something for this? TA

  • I have this model, i like it.

    Just something i'd point out if you care, the light on it is not that great, it won't light up the displays, but will give you an idea of the positioning of the hands.