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Epic Lifter Standing Desk $250 (50% off) + Free Metro Shipping @ Epic Office Furniture


You spoke, we listened!

We've had a few requests now for a deal on height-adjustable desks, so we're giving Ozbargainers the exclusive first announcement of our 50% off introductory offer on the Epic Lifter Standing Desk!

The Epic Lifter Standing Desk is a simple way to transform any surface into a height-adjustable desk. Gas spring construction allows the Lifter to glide smoothly between heights of 120mm and 500mm, with the single lever adjustment letting you set whatever height suits you best. Made with sturdy scratch-resistant material, the Epic Lifter Standing Desk features a quick-release keyboard tray, pre-drilled hole for monitor arms and an integrated document or phone/tablet slot. Backed with a 5-year warranty and requiring no tools or assembly, the Epic Lifter is the easiest way to keep moving throughout the workday!

* Simple way to transform any surface into a height-adjustable desk
* Gas spring construction – height range 120mm – 500mm
* Easy single lever adjustment
* Sturdy scratch-resistant material
* Quick-release keyboard tray
* Pre-drilled hole for monitor arms
* Integrated document or phone/tablet slot
* No tools or assembly required
* Available in 3 sizes - 700mm x 500mm, 880 x 530mm, 1190 x 530mm
* 15kg weight rating
* 5 year warranty

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  • +3

    George is great with customer service on the live chat on their website. +1

  • What are the dimensions on the desk? There is only mention of the adjustable height ranges.

    And how would this compare to Kogan's which is $199.99 with free shipping:

    • +1

      @CYMA - we've updated the description with the 3 dimension options from the dropdown menu on the product page: 700mm x 500mm, 880 x 530mm, 1190 x 530mm

      In terms of the Kogan product, we don't stock that particular desk so we're not going to speculate on the similarities and differences, but we can see it is only backed with a 1 year warranty (we back ours with 5 years).

    • -1

      What are the dimensions on the desk?

      Which of the 3 sizes do you want the dimensions for?

      • Available in 3 sizes
  • Have you got a video or tutorial on the product??

  • +1

    I don't know about this desk but their customer service is A++ with a chair that I bought with them

  • office works has one as well. not sure similar.has to see it before buying furniture, also the quality. Cannot tell by looking at the picture.

  • +2

    I'm surprised Epic got into office furniture, the lawsuit against Apple must be going bad.

  • I'm looking for something that will fit 3 monitors in a corner configuration with sit/stand capability. Can you suggest anything?

  • Hi guys! We're now offering our Anit-Fatigue Mat as a free extra when you buy any of our Height-Adjustable Desks!

    • Hi, I placed my order last night, am I still eligible for this offer? My order number is E47165, thanks.

  • Hi EpicOfficeFurniture,

    Any chance you can do a deal on the Boost Height Adjustable Workstation? Stand up desk prices are very competitive and there seems to be quite a few other users on here that are also after a good deal on a height adjustable desk rather than the desk converters.

    • looking at this item as well, wondering if we can test it in a showroom in sydney

  • Any deal on the anti-fatigue mat you're speaking of? I already have a stand up desk sorry, but am in the market for a good standing mat!

  • Has anyone received their order in Melbourne?
    Online my order states it's still processing but I received an email stating it will be delivered on 15th Sept which obviously didn't happen.

    I contacted their support chat and I got diff answers:
    - online info is not correct go by the email
    - there is no tracking info as it's their own trucks
    - it's TNT that is delivering my order and tracking info takes weeks to update
    - it's COVID we trying our best and we don't know

    I am a bit confused which one of these is correct


    • Hi there,

      As per our email communication earlier, you have received your tracking number and your order is on the way with TNT.

      Please contact us directly if you have any further questions or concerns.

      Epic Office Furniture

      • not sure which email conversation are you referring to I haven't received any email with tracking info.

        I have contacted you directly but when I am not receiving the correct info I had to post here to understand if others are facing similar issues or it's just me

  • Hi OP,

    Why don't you make non-electric desk in this design. https://epicofficefurniture.com.au/product/epic-electric-sta...
    Some people need more depth in keyboard tray as it can accommodate the laptop. I am not sure if the 260mm will be sufficient to hold a laptop.

    The only thing stopping me to buy this desk is the keyboard tray width.


    • Hi there! We do have a non-electric version of the Epic Riser: https://epicofficefurniture.com.au/product/epic-riser/


      • Yeah, but the design looks different than the electric one. The electric one has a cutout in the upper platform which gives more depth to the keyboard tray. If you are saying that they both have same dimensions, than the images on the website are incorrect.
        Can you make a similar deal for the epic raiser like the epic lifter standing desk.


  • As mentioned by some others, I would buy https://epicofficefurniture.com.au/product/boost-height-adju... if there is a larger discount.

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