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ASColour Sale: T-Shirts $4 - $8 / Long Sleeves from $10 (and More) + Shipping


Here are a few items that stood out to me, with decent stock levels:
(I would recommend checking the intended fit and sizing guide, as I've noticed quite some variance between products.)

* Oxford Shirt - 100% Cotton : $20 (was $65) https://www.ascolour.com.au/mens-oxford-shirt-5401s/?sale
* Brush Crew Sweatshirt - 75% Cotton, 25% Polyester : $15 (was $52) https://www.ascolour.com.au/mens-brush-crew-5106/?sale

* Wafer Tee - 100% Cotton : $4 (was $26) https://www.ascolour.com.au/wos-wafer-tee-4002a/?sale
* Square Pocker Tee - 100% Cotton : $6 (was $25) https://www.ascolour.com.au/wos-square-pocket-tee-4046/?sale

When I went to check out, shipping options were $12 for standard and $18 for express. Edit: robotfrom1984 has mentioned that shipping is not flat rate and varies depending on how much you order.

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  • Their clothes are great, especially from the sales section. However, shipping is quite pricey because the pricing will depend on how much you order rather than a flat fee. So the more you order, the more expensive shipping is.

  • Looks like David Jones website

  • Beware that AS colour do not do any refunds so if you change your mind you are limited to only credit. If the size doesn't fit you you will be charged for postage to return the item + postage for them to send out a new item.

    Sizing was odd (for me). Small is more like Extra small and Medium is more like a Large.

    I won't ever buy from AS colour again for the odd sizing, expensive shipping and unreasonable return policy.

  • I've anatched up some stuff, better hurry if you're interested as they may be getting OzBargain'ized.

  • Wish I had of seen this yesterday before I ordered using thedeluxe deal

  • Came back to comment and say wow, fast shipping. Not used to next day delivery in Vic at the moment!