G-Shock Gravity Master Carbon GWR-B1000

Does anyone have one of these? Feedback? Seems a bit exxy for what it is (basic time keeping? quartz? cased in china? with splashes of carbon? coming from someone who doesn't know anything about G Shock)


  • Alot of money for a Casio.

  • G-Shocks have their own cult following. There's a large amount of cheap (up to $200) versions that have no solar, aren't radio controlled (for automatic time updates) or are smart.

    This one includes all of these so i guess in short it's features far surpass the cheaper G-Shocks. Yes its a casio at the end of the day, but it does have a fair bit going for it.

    • Is the $1499 price justified with the extra features. Does explain why it is alot more than the standard. Just not sure you would really have street cred with one. Looks great, but if I told someone that I spent over 1k for it they would probably be shocked. I have a standard GShock. Good watch to wear if your a sporty type or tradie as it's tuff. I use it as my daily and just work in an office.

      • Yeah i personally wouldn't even consider one at the full RRP, let alone the clearance price.
        $400-$600 is probable more reasonable given the features. But you never know some people are sold on the carbon fiber look.

        I'll stick with my Tag Heuer.

  • Lightweight, resists rust - Rust-resistant structure

    Having a laugh! Ever had a watch rust? If so must be a $5 knock off

  • ta for feedback all. fair points, $1k is a lot to pay primarily for a pretty face. i would probably get better utility for that price in buying a fenix. thanks for helping me save $$

  • I have the Gprb1000 which is probably the last watch I would ever buy