Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch Console Restock 9 October

COMING SOON: A limited new shipment of the #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons inspired #NintendoSwitch system!

Available at selected retailers from 9 Oct

Scalpers rejoice…

EB looks like it is getting ready to put up the pre-orders now.

Remember you still can't actually transfer your AC save to another console unless you want to report your current one lost to Nintendo.

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    I really love the colours on this, but it's hard to justify buying a Switch at full price when there's a new model coming out in early 2021. It would be nice to have a Switch over the Christmas holidays though.


    So for resellers are you going to double down and get out of the game?

  • +1 vote

    Haven’t opened my AC Switch coz I can’t transfer the damn AC data!