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Ubisoft up to 80% off Sale - All Far Cry, Most Assassin's Creed, Tom Clancy under $20


Ubisoft up to 80% off sale is back! Last time I scored every Far Cry (Including Far Cry 5) for about $40!

If you're a fan of the franchises of Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Tom Clancy Games, Watchdogs etc and you haven't got all the games then this is the sale for you.

Some random deals include:
Rainbow Six Seige - $11.98
The Division 2 - $14.83
Ghost Recon - Breakpoint $22.49
Ghost Recon - Wildlands $22.48
Far Cry 3 - $8.98
Far Cry 4 - $11.98
Far Cry 5 - $17.99
Far Cry New Dawn - $16.99
Watch Dogs 2 - $14.97
The Crew 2 - $14.99
Assassin's Creed Odyssey - $26.98

More on the site. Let me know if I missed any of your favourites and I will update. Enjoy :)

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  • What's the best of those Far Cry games? I enjoyed FC1 when it came out but was bored to tears with FC2 and it's endless loops through the jungle and constantly repopulating checkpoints so I gave up after that. :)

  • Would recommend WD2 as a great intro to the WD franchise for those picking up an RTX 3000 card and getting WDL!

  • I haven't played an AC game since Black Flag (which I really enjoyed, but felt a bit over the genre after it), any recommendations in there?

    • I'm in the same boat. Stopped after Revelations.

      From reading reviews, now I'm going for Origins followed by Odyssey (in the future).

    • Go for Origins or Odyssey, they are quite a bit different from what you would have played in Black Flag though, I found origin a fresh introduction with the RPG elements

    • I strongly recommend AC Syndicate. I would say it's the best game in the series so far at least. And much cheaper than the newer ones while remaining very entertaining.

      Infact I myself picked up a copy from this sale.

  • $22 for the division 2 expansion is pretty decent.

  • Guess it's finally time to pick up Anno 1800

  • dont forget additional 20% with 100 ubicoin thingies

  • Far Cry Primal (APEX Edition) - $8.75 USD (around $12 AUD), but $20.49 here for a digital product. Ubisoft can F' right off.

  • Theres the same sale on the Epic store if anyone still has a $15 coupon from the last sale - I picked up AC Odyssey gold edition for $22 (includes AC III remastered and Liberation remastered)