Online Mens Clothing Stores Where You Can Shop Looks (Pre Selected Outfits)

Does anyone know of any other stores where you can shop the look similar to this by the culture kings or this by connor .I don't know any thing about fashion and Iam trying to dress better so stuff like this makes it easier. The only problem with this however the culture kings one is that a lot the stuff is out of stock ,connor's one is good but I am looking something more streetwear/casual.


  • I always thought that Culture Kings catered for the younger generation and Connor was more catered to a more mature look.

  • Two very different stores, style n demographics going on there.

    Maybe best to compare something similar if you prefer that casual sport/street look. I find Culture king's charge a premium for the brand's they stock.

    Perhaps if you like a particular look from Culture king's U can find individual pieces online if you do your homework n go looking for particular items. They are a supplier of multiple brands, you can find those particular pieces online.

  • How old are you? Wouldn't recommend dressing like a Culture Kings fuccboi if you are over 25. Actually, wouldn't recommend dressing like that at all. Maybe try find your style with things you like etc rather than trying a one size fits all approach. Like culture kings with that faux gangsta look with the US sports team mix can look real try hardish if thats not really your vibe.

    If you like streetwear maybe check some sites like: — Streetwear blog — UK streetwear and fashion site - another Uk site - Aussie site — Aussie site has a lot of 40% off sales

    Just warning it can become a very expensive vocation trying to keep up with trends. otherwise just go to Cotton On, H&M etc and buy cheap fast fashion thats on trend.

    If i can give you some starter advice, just get some nice plain casual sneakers like some converse chuck taylors, vans old skool, adidas stan smith, adidas continental 80 etc, They're a classic streetwear staple that always look good.


      I am 22 . I do get what you mean about culture kings faux gangster style ,i will check out those websites and probably do some research on styles and wait for some sales on those shoes you recommended ,thanks for the reply

      • no worries i just use to search for sneakers on sale. Searches all the main aussie sites and international stores that offer shipping. You can usually get chucks, stan smiths and vans for $40-60ish on sale.