Should I buy LG V50 via AliExpress?

Hi guys, I'm currently thinking of getting LG V50 Duel screen via Aliexpress. The seller lists it for $670 as new. Cheapest price for the phone at the moment.
I never buy phones in Aliexpress so I'm sure whether I should trust it.
For owners of LG V50, what do you think about the performance and camera?
Please feel free to suggest other alternatives. I'm happy to listen. Thanks

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    V60 from hario is better

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      I think he wants a phone not a coffee brewer


    Bought it for $599 from JB-HI-FI some months ago. The camera is amazing imo. I wanted a camera that could take pictures in low-no light, and this camera does it amazingly.

    The performance is good too. I've never experienced anything that made me regret the purchase. I still haven't used the dual screen attachment as of yet, but i heard it's good since the latest update.


      Damn so sad 😔 i wish that deal is back.


    If you do go ahead then you pretty much have to accept that you will have no warranty.


      Thanks mate


      Thanks mate. I'll think about it and might wait till 11.11