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[PC, Steam] Prince of Persia Series $2.99 Each @ Steam


Just when the remake got announced, the Prince of Persia series just got heavily discounted for a limited time on Steam

Sands of Time: https://store.steampowered.com/app/13600/Prince_of_Persia_Th...

Warrior Within: https://store.steampowered.com/app/13500/Prince_of_Persia_Wa...

The Two Thrones: https://store.steampowered.com/app/13530/Prince_of_Persia_Th...

Prince of Persia (2008): https://store.steampowered.com/app/19980/Prince_of_Persia/

The Forgotten Sands: https://store.steampowered.com/app/33320/Prince_of_Persia_Th...

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    Loved the first 3 games on the consoles but get the impression that the controls in the PC versions are broken. Does anybody have any feedback on these games using a controller?


      What do you mean? I've played the first one on PC a while ago and it worked fine for me. I tried to connect the controller but (and I'm speaking of the GOG version with controller support as you have to install a mod for the Steam version) it didn't work for me which was really infuriating.

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        Specifically if they work with controllers and how the experience is overall. I don't doubt that the game runs and looks better on PC but find controls (or lack thereof) is commonly an issue…for me at least. Especially when you've become accustomed to playing these older games that that way.

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          I think it supports controller out of the box. either that or I googled a controller mod, and downloaded and installed it in seconds.

          Nothing to worry about.

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            @ItsMeAgro: Thanks for confirming mate. 👍

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              @cheepo: My bad, I tried this again last night and it's not so easy:

              While it technically supports controllers, it needs some fiddling (at least the steam version does, probably the others too): you have to map controls, and it's not easy. E.g.: with the DS4 (PS4 controller) I had to use DS4windows and hold the button or stick then double-click on the box next to the action name ("jump" or "walk forward etc) in the controller menu in the game.

              There were no default controls mapped, so I had to google a pic of what button should do what, from my favourite console version (gamecube) to remind myself.

              Some people have issues with being unable to run diagonally too and need to adjust joystick dead zones.

              I also needed to download the mod that lets you play in widescreen resolutions (some versions like GOG have fixed this though I think).

              But the PC port is still the best version of this game. (And unfortunately, looks like it might continue to be after the remake is released next year - I'm hopeful but the alpha footage isn't super promising).

              See all the known issues and how to fix them on pc gaming wiki:


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                @ItsMeAgro: That's ok! You certainly weren't obligated to take the time out to post your experience here but I appreciate the follow-up. I hadn't purchased the game yet and was intending to look further into it tomorrow when I had some free time.

                Going by some of the reviews I had previously read, it certainly seemed a hassle to actually get controllers to run properly with the game and why I originally asked. I don't have much experience with Playstation controllers on PC and have mainly stick with 360 controllers for ease of use and compatibility but it doesn't look like it will help much with this game, nor eliminate some of the the sensitivity issues without additional downloads.

                It bothers me that companies don't mind selling their older games via DRM but won't put any patches in place make it convenient for gamers (that don't have the knowledge or time) to fiddle around with fixes and workarounds. In particular when it comes to running them properly on modern hardware (such as the widescreen fix) or adding things such controller support. In particular when a few people would've originally experienced the game on an old console using a controller.

                Thanks for posting some details here and providing the wiki link. Had no idea such a site even existed - so will add that to the bookmarks. 👍

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    POP: Sands of Time $1.59
    The Forgotten Sands $2.39 @ubisoft with code ubiforward.

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    Amazing games!

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    Are you telling me I could've saved 40 CENTS if I waited a few days after the Ubisoft sales?

    Ugh! Kill me!

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    If anyone is wondering which to buy to try out the Prince of Persia series, I'd recommend

    Prince of Persia 2008
    Which has aged extremely well, or

    Sands of Time
    Which is older but is the first game in the best trilogy of Prince of Persia games, and frequently listed as one of the best games of all time. One of those games like Breath of the Wild, or Uncharted 2, where everything is so good - script, story, setting, environment, gameplay, that it elevates the full experience beyond other good games.

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    You can get The Forgotten Sands and Sands of Time for $4.59 with the Digital Deluxe:


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      It's $3.67 @ Ubisoft with code UBIFORWARD


        Coming as A$5.58 for both with above code! How did you get $3.67?

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          Sands of time is bonus game included with forgotten Sands deluxe edition. You don't have to buy both of them just forgotten Sands deluxe edition.

          The Forgotten Sands Deluxe edition
          BONUS CONTENT:

          Free game: Prince of Persia Sands of Time (PC-download).
          2 skins - Sand Wraith and Malik.
          1 game mode - Survival arena.

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    These games are currently $1.89USD ($2.60AUD) each on Game Billet.

    They activate on Uplay, however.

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    Forgotten Sands has always online DRM?

    I got the others DRM free from GoG