Old Phone Line Removal?

Hi All,

My partner and are currently renovating an older house that was built around 1965. It has 3 phone lines and 1 Telstra coax connection.

One of the phone lines is in a terrible location at the corner of a window above the kitchen sink and we are keen to remove before we reinstall new architraves.

Question for ozb community is how we should go about removing it, is this something we can DIY or should we bring in an electrician?

Appreciate any advice



  • DIY. Cut, shove into a suitable space, cover and decorate.

  • Just get rid of it. Only your mum, politicians and scammers call you on it.

    You can just cut it off and hide it in the wall yourself.

    • +1
      OP also remember to record where the phone lines are.
      This is useful for future owners if you sell the house down the road.

  • What sort of NBN do you have?
    If you have Fibre to the Node, get a licenced cabler in to replace your internal line completely (and to remove the unsightly outlet)

    If you have HFC (though the Telstra Coax), then as others have suggested, just chop it off yourself. Strictly speaking it's not legal to do, but you're highly unlikley to get caught unless you short out the line in the cutting process.

  • Don't forget to recycle :)
    Copper cables are recycled at most scrap metal places.

    A phone cable won't be worth much as scrap, but if you're stripping out old power cables too it will be worth the trip.

    • I’m imagining OP taking the 8cm of cable that was sticking out of the wall down to the scrap yard :-)

      • I thought they were pulling ~20m out of the whole house, but yeah a single offcut is not worth the hassle haha

      • There's at least 9cm 😉 we actually pulled out 40kg worth of copper so far.. old hot water unit & old hot water pipes, the additional 3g will make a huge difference

  • built around 1965. It has 3 phone lines and 1 Telstra coax connection.

    You can check the condition of the lead-ins by doing a free dial. My money is on them coming up as dead. They won’t be used by nbn and can be disconnected.

  • Grab wire and start pulling 👌

    Source: some diy guy

  • I'm an electrician,

    Just cut it but stagger all the cores so they can't touch a bit of tape and then stuff that baby in the wall and patch/cover.

  • It is OK to take it out, I have seen the 3 stooges do it before - nuk nuk nuk