Telstra Confirms It Keeps It Customers in The Dark - uses the key word ”or”

Confirmation: Telstra doesn't give a ”continental” about its customers.

Just received this email from the big T about its customers who subscribe to the big F’er (Foxtel) via the big T.

Our Foxtel from Telstra Service Agreement has been updated

Hi $$$$
There’s an update to your Foxtel from Telstra service and we wanted to let you know as soon as possible.
From 11 October 2020, we will be changing the way we notify you about updates to channels on your Foxtel service. Upcoming changes will now be posted in the new ‘Customer updates’ section on our Foxtel from Telstra page here.
This change is outlined in the new clause 2.09 of Our Service Agreement:
Clause 02.09 - How we may notify you of changes
We can notify you of changes to your Foxtel from Telstra subscription by sending a letter to your address (by post or email), Foxtel Box messaging, SMS or by including the relevant information on the Telstra website or on My Account.
The full terms of our Service Agreement are available here

Don't you just love the way big corporations treat their customers/prisoners like sh#t!

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  • So call them and tell them you want to be billed by Foxtel directly. Foxtel send me heaps of comms and I always know when something is changing.

  • Thanks for your comment. I will be doing exactly that. Kind Regards.

  • Telstra is “streamlining” our prepaid plans by removing global roaming and access to Telstra WiFi spots.

    Frankly I don’t use Telstra global roaming and Telstra WiFi spots are hot and miss if the work, so no biggie for me.

    However, It does remind me of Futurama’s "Good news, everyone!" by Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth's, it rarely is.

    • I got that message too, and looked at the link. Withdrawing services is not "streamlining", it's downgrading or cost cutting. The wording was so full of spin, you couldn't help but notice their attempt to change the narrative. Pretty appropriate for these times, but we need to call this crap out when we see it.

    • Funny I got the same email from Telstra on the 3rd this month stating,…

      "we’re phasing out some features on your mobile broadband plan from 13 October 2020"

      and will allow me to Request a Refund,.

      but hold on,…

      The thing is I'm on an old grand fathered prepaid data plan I think I started from 13 years ago which I hardly used but topped up $50 every year, reason being so the data would roll over but the other main reason was everytime I topped up (my example $50 yearly as there were different topups) was matched with a '$50 virtual credit accumulated credit into my prepaid data account,.. which reached to close to $630 with slight usage over 13 years, this virtual credit could be used too buy certain allowed items, subscriptions (one was Netflix) and credit2me feature, which Telstra eventually phased out a a fair few years ago, though another main reason I kept this plan going was also for the free AFL yearly subscription (currently costing $99 yearly) which i shared with friends and also crappy Telstra Air which I could add to all my devices with same the account, $50 yearly I think gave me also 5gb accumulated data yearly and I could call and sms to it as the sim has an attached mobile number too it and i could also use the virtual credit too sms out,.. so was surely worth keeping this plan cause it had so many benefit features

      Well the funny thing is since Telstra is offering a request to refund, there actually going too refund me that $630 virtual credit I accumulated over 13 years, basicaly this whole Telstra plan of mine has virtually cost me nothing over 13 years, I.e. 13 years x $50 = $650

      Plus I can also get refunded prorata of the months left of the $50 payment left for the year, though I might still keep this plan going as worth it for the $99 yearly AFL subscription

      Also they've transfered this $630 credit too one of my new Telstra postpaid data plans and from there they can transfer it into my credit card, has been officially transferred but won't show up till next billing cycle which will be the 27th of this month

      Now I feel like I've rorted Telstra, which I certainly don't care

      So I'm wondering do you have a similar grand fathered Telstra plan?

      • I don’t have a grandfathered plan but early on the bill was so complicated I couldn’t work out if it was correct. Every month we would ring up to query and every month they would cancel the bill. I ended up on a new plan which wasn’t as complicated.

  • So first they borked their email service (anyone having problems since the start of August?)and this year you can't get the phone answered in under 1hr not to mention their 'online help' is a pretty dumb AI that is pretty much useless.

    Lots of people in the same boat:

  • Wow. People are still subscribed to Foxtel? Honestly, who pays for other companies to put ads on their tv?

    Took me almost 2 years to get my parents weaned off Foxtel. Last time I tried to watch anything, it was worse than watching free to air when it came to ads. So. Many. Ads. And added to that, I had to watch tv programming when they told me I had to. And all at about 4 to 6 times the price of a subscription based service that has no ads and you can watch what you want, when you want.

    The sad part here is not that Telstra don’t give a (fropanity) it’s the fact you still pay for Foxtel. They are probably trying to do you a favour by making you want to quit the service.

    • Exactly this. I've never really understood the value proposition of Foxtel. Hearing people forking out $100-odd a month for pretty limited content was just beyond me. Fast forward to today and with the plethora of other options available, and it just makes no sense at all.

      I only ever watch Foxtel when I'm in a hotel and even then just find myself watching Judge Judy. As great as JJ is, it's not worth forking out $1,000 a year for!

    • Whaaaaatt?!?!? You don't want to overpay to watch old rubbish with a million add thrown in? Unaustralian, do you want poor old Rupert to go hungry?

    • There's no ads during live sport and if your parents didn't have an out of date box they could have been streaming shows directly with a few clicks.

  • I met Michael Paterson down the local pub a few weeks ago and he said he will get me ADSL
    I have been trying to get it connected since I moved to Tassie 2 years ago and I hate satellite, been on it for decades
    He said leave it to me as he is the General Manager for Helstra in Tassie

    It was meant to be connected on the 1st of September, but the account was terminated!
    I SMSed him & he said Joshi in Hobart was going to do it
    It was then going to be connected on the 7th, no-one turned up
    On the 10th it was finally connected - woo hoo - but the download speed was 6.6Mb/s WT?
    On the useless browsers chatting to them non stop. Once it took me 3 hours for them to shut up & connect me to the level 2 tech who I gave the number
    3 bloody hours they wouldn't connect me to the tech. Is the dial tone working? Bad luck if I didn't have an old phone. What colours are the lights?

    I have been up for 24 hours now, what is sleep. same as last week. they finally worked out why I was getting slow speed
    even thou I kept telling them it was like I was throttled, I was on ADSL1. Yep. I will break his nose when I see him, I am big and will more than likely punch him in the nose and it will come out the other side of his head. $90 a month for ADSL1. I never had ADSL in my life b4 and I waited for this moment, I have another moment to wait for now. I can hear that music in my head, it sounds like the Undertaker walking down the ramp