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Kicking off a new Agile project is always a challenge. You obviously need to ‘collaboratively’ establish an initial sense of direction - a broad understanding of the outcomes you hope to achieve, the features that you believe would help achieve those outcomes, etc. - but without delving too deep into detailed specifications that create a false sense of certainty and will ultimately become out of date the moment real users start using your product.

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    • Good read, and wow, from 2008! Always thought those scrum masters were lacking basic foundation of project management and yet given the key of the project.

      • No SM should have 'the key of the project's, that is a mis-practice by alot of teams. A good SM should be pulling the team together to have joint and equal ownership by the team of the project.

        Any SM that wrap the team around him/herself and coordinate everything, is NOT a scrum master, instead a project manager.

        • Agree, Waterfall in disguise when SM is seen as the mastermind. When the team is agile there is no clear leader as everyone is a leader and is self organised working together.

          Agile requires the entire organisation to change not just the delivery team, hence many don’t evolve and things are only called agile by name, but fundamentally cultural is unchanged.