PlayStation 5 Discussion Megathread + Pre Order Announcements (Launch Date Nov 12, $599.95/ $749.95)

Event Will last 40 Minutes
Expect Launch Games to be confirmed
Prices and Launch Date

Rumors are
$749 AUD for Aus Model (based on French Leak)
$100USD less for the All Digital Model

November 20th Release Date (also From French leak)

Update 15/9
Press Start is reporting a price of $449USD ($50 less than Xbox) and a tightening of supply due to delays in chip production.

Stream Link:

1) Final Fantasy XVI (PlayStation Console Exclusive also on PC)
2) Marvel Spiderman Miles Morales Gameplay (Holiday 2020)
3) Hogwarts Legacy (2021)
4) Raven Games Presentation :Black Ops Cold War Demo (Holiday 2020)
5) PlayStation 4 Players can play Cold War Alpha This weekend
6) Resident Evil Village (RE8) (2021)
7) Deathloop Trailer (Q2 2021) (PlayStation Console Exclusive)
8) Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition (Digitally at Launch of PS5)
9) Oddworld Soulstorm (Exclusive Trailer)
10) Five Nights and Freddy's Security Breach Teaser Trailer
11) Demon Souls Trailer
12) Fortnite (coming to PS5, digitally at Launch)

PlayStation Plus Collection
New benefit for ps5 owners
Multiple AAA titles trailers shown
Mostly Sony Owned Studios
Selection of PS4 Games to download and Play
added to PlayStation Plus Membership from PS5 Launch

Console Price and Release Date
PS5 $499 USD
PS5 Digital $399 USD
Launches in Australia November 12th


Australia Prices confirmed by PlayStation Australia
PS5 $749.95
PS5 Digital $599.95
November 12th Release Date
PlayStation US has announced that US pre orders start tomorrow, waiting to see whether that's the case in Aus


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      • Well the tracking does say ETA - 11/11/20

        It doesn't really matter since I won't be getting my games until the 12th anyway.

    • +2


      Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for the items you ordered on 17/09/2020 (Order #XXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX).

      "PlayStation 5 Console"
      Estimated arrival date: 15/11/2020 - 16/11/2020

      Amazon AU

      • Nice mine says
        "PlayStation 5 Console"
        Estimated arrival date: 12/11/2020 - 16/11/2020

        • Mine says 12-16 also

      • I also received an update from Amazon AU

        "PlayStation 5 Console"
        Estimated arrival date: 15/11/2020 - 16/11/2020

        Weird thing is, I received a text from Fedex on the 3rd of Nov, for a package that can only be the ps5. It's coming from NJ with delivery date for tomorrow. Anyone else had this happen?

      • is this free delivery or priority?

    • Just received confirmation from Amazon.

    • Just noticed the details on the tracking has changed. When I checked yesterday, ETA was today, but now its tomorrow.
      Also, it seems the tracking number is not active on startrack. I am assuming my PS5 was not collected by Startrack yet.
      PS5 from Sony store may not arrive tomorrow.
      Anyone received an update on tracking number?

      • Tracking number is active now. Startrack collected my PS5 about an hour ago. Hope it safely crosses the state border and arrive tomorrow!

    • If you preordered from EB Games for the Launch Shipment, they are starting to send those out too. Never got an email from them, but if you log in to your EB account online and check orders, they have tracking numbers now and are being sent from "Parcel Post". I'm not yet sure where they are being sent from though, or how long it is estimated to take. I'm just hoping it's better than my last EB Preorder, which arrived ~1 week later.

    • Got a email from Amazon said "Estimated arrival date: 12/11/2020 - 16/11/2020", but checked my orders shows "Arriving Nov 13 - Nov 16" and when i click into Track Package, it shows "Arriving Monday"

      ahhhh! can't wait!!!

    • PS5 Delivered this morning. Damn this unit is huge, its bigger than the PS3 george foreman grill.

  • Wasted hours on The Gamesmen website this morning trying to get a PS5 pre-order. Is there any hope for those of us who don’t use bots?

    • Not on Gamesmen - ordered mine today via JB Hi-fi

      • +1

        Righto. So The Gamesmen are notoriously bad for non bot users? As the IT pest at work scored seven PS5s from The Gamesmen this morning. He’s already trying to flog them to us for more cash. (He’ll be lucky to not get flogged himself.)

  • +1

    Amazon still says "not yet shipped". Order was made on Sep 17. Anyone in the same boat?

    • Nope.

      Took my money out last nite and abt an hour ago it changed to "On the Way", with tracking number. Hope it comes from Chullora/Regents Park, I am just a stone throw away!

    • yep, they updated my order to will arrive today this morning but then revised without an email to 'not yet shipped'. also preordered sep 17

  • I ordered mine on the pre-order launch day and mine's updated to being shipped from Chullora.

    Says it's arriving on Monday but I live in Metro Sydney so I hope their estimates are just being generous.

  • anyone is sydney and preordered from bigw and aus post tracking stuck on recieved for processing and in transit?

  • On amazon mine updated today and says arriving December 1!? Normally games arrive within 1-2 days for me in Metro Melbourne and NBA 2K21 arrived today.

    Guess I'll enjoy trying it out in 3 weeks..

  • Anyone who was lucky enough to nab a PS5 yesterday end up with some noticeable coil whine when under load? Mine makes a lovely little tune when under load audible from 6-7 feet.

    • Mine is quiet as a mouse and it’s gotten quite the workout since I got it yesterday.

      • +1

        Okay. I'll see if it calms down. If I put the sound bar up or wear headphones it's not an issue but disappointing having come from the Pro. Trying to get a replacement at this point in time will be difficult with supply being so low. I will see if it improves and then I will try and replace later on if it drives me crazy. It makes sense that a percentage of consoles will have this issue. It's always 50-50 with me. My Switch had dead pixels on first boot and I had to wait 2 weeks with no switch to get a replacement.

    • Nope mine has no coil whine. The fan does ramp up to max for 30 seconds every couple hours when playing demons souls.

      That's the only thing I notice so far for my unit.

      • I think all the PS5 have it to varying degrees of volume after looking at Reddit. One guy has 3 units (who knows why?) and they all have it. I might be more sensitive though to high frequency noise? Compared to what I've heard come out of some GPUs it's not terrible and I'm hoping it diminishes over time. Playing demon souls, switching from performance to cinematic changes the pitch frequency of the noise due to 60fps and 30fps being rendered.

        I'm not alone:

  • Called my preorder TGG store and asked if I can pick it up instead of delivery. Got it last night. They said they only had 10 (all preordered) and the next they expect in January.

  • Still no delivery update from amazon, bit annoying. Not even shipped yet.

    • Same. Mine says it will arrive on Monday, but hasn't shipped yet so I doubt it.

      • +1

        I spoke to someone on chat, they said that just due to the massive order quantities they couldn't ship them all. Should arrive on Monday though.

      • +1

        Just got confirmation it shipped, and a $30 voucher to use on next purchase for some reason. Pretty sweet.

        • I got the same. Will arrive on Thursday now, which is all good.

  • Are the eBay bids for the PS5 scalpers legit? There are some on sale for $1250 Buy Now while multiple others have auctions with 30+ bidders at $1400+…

    • Someone mentioned before that it is bots trolling them…. But who knows

  • I ordered mine on Thursday from Vodafone and got allocated stock in the Dec 15 delivery window. not too bad to get one for delivery this year, ordering after release day

  • Anyone here was supposed to get a launch release from TGG, but haven't heard anything yet?

    Asked at a local TGG, but they can't provide an answer as it's a warehouse direct.

    • Message them with your order number on FB?

  • Any chance of a PS5 restock for Black Friday, like in the US?

  • +1

    Just got notification that the PS5 i ordered from Amazon is coming tomorrow instead of Dec 18th! So excited!

  • Had mine hidden away for a few weeks now as it's for my son for Christmas. It's been a while since I've been in the PS eco-system though, so I'm unsure of a few things.

    How does PSN work with multiple accounts/users on the same console (i.e. family members). Do I need a separate subscription for each person? Or will one be fine?

    Are there parental/family controls like on Xbox? Any official mobile apps with friend chat integration?

    • So long as one account has PS+ all the other accounts on the same console can share the games and play online.

      I think there are some parental controls but haven’t really had a look

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