Xiaomi M365 Scooter

Looking to purchase a Xiaomi m365 scooter under $500
Any codes or bargains out there that anyone has been able to find?


  • There was one for the similar ES2 earlier today for $414, but seems like that's just expired.

    I was just thinking that anyone who gets pulled up for riding one of these in Melbourne would probably have a pretty bad day. Imagine a $7-800 fine for "driving an unregistered vehicle", plus another $1652 for if you're not out for one of the four reasons! LOL 😂

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      "This post is based on PRACTICAL WISDOM"

      We PROPOSE each DRIVER pay ONE Rego fee,
      no matter How Many vehicles s/he owns. eg:

      If Bob owns 2 vehicles (one could be such a scooter)
      of 2 corresponding values; he should pay the higher
      of the 2 Rego fees, but - in Proposed scheme - can
      carry & use that Rego payment to cover BOTH vehicles
      (only ONE of which MAY be used at once, EXCEPT:

      If Bob authorizes another DRIVER to drive one of them,
      while Bob's off driving the other, Bob is OK, provided,
      that the other Driver has a Rego that covers the vehicle
      that he borrows from Bob.

      As a COVID' Emergency Support measure, I PROPOSE,
      that State & Territory gov't immediately legislate so as to
      ALLOW each licensed DRIVER to pay a SINGLE rego fee
      to cover ALL of the vehicles owned.

      The Rego fee would be based on the most COSTLY rego fee
      s/he'd (earlier) have had to pay on ONE of their vehicles, ie,
      rather than paying a fee for EVERY vehicle owned.

      The idea is that - last time I checked - a Driver can ONLY
      drive ONE vehicle at a time. So, paying the most costly
      Rego fee, from among all vehicles owned, means, that
      that Driver has covered her/his share of the cost of using any
      & all roads he may choose to use for his travel.

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        Why was this negged??

        I'm just here to do some elec scooter research but I find the above a very valid point.

        Given I have 4 cars and a bike to my name, paying rego on all of them is a joke given the largest component is the TAC premium (Victoria). I've even claimed on TAC before so I understand and definitely appreciate it's relevance, but the post above outlines what I've been complaining about for some time now.

        I can only utilise one vehicle at a time, therefore the TAC premium should be attached to my license and not my vehicles. If another driver/rider is licensed, then they too would also be covered.

        But noooooooooo…….. "they" wouldn't get enough money this way now would they?

  • Just be careful as there are a lot of counterfeit M365s.