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ORICO 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub with USB Type-C Power US$4.39 (~A$6.06) Delivered @ Orico Official Store AliExpress


Cheaper than Gearbest's deal. A simple 4 USB 3.0 port hub with a USB Type-C port to provide power if necessary.

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  • Hi rep, any chance to get a deal on the Blitzwolf portable wireless charging Powerbank (BW-PD13)? Missed out on the recent banggood deal. Thanks!

    • Not a rep! If I find a coupon I'll probably share.

      • Apologies. Btw, How do you find these coupons? Or do you request them?

        • They show on the products when you are shopping. When you spot a good one, let us all know.

        • It's a mix. All the Chinese sites publish their coupons in various places like affiliate networks, Google Docs, coupon sites etc. and I simply scrap them to form a sort of database I can search.

          For some sites like Amazon I usually message the seller for a deal.

  • Will make a good Christmas present…. for 2021.

  • Does this charge devices (if USB-C is plugged into a power supply) and carry data?

    • Not recommended as per page. It will probably supply 500ma but not qc levels

    • From what I can see it will provide a quicker charge if plugged into another usb port like a power adapter or pc etc

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  • I have an Orico hub, but I found myself never using more than one port at a time. I have found with hubs like this, if you put your wireless mouse receiver into one, and plug in a USB storage device into another port, your mouse becomes unresponsive and choppy.

    I'm not really sure what is the best way to use your multiple ports. If you use multiple devices, one can disconnect randomly (very bad thing), or at best they split the speed. I thought that by not combining speed sensitive devices on the one hub (e.g. USB HDD with mouse receiver instead of two USB HDDs) I would minimize the performance loss, but instead your mouse becomes unusable.

    • Ran into the same issue with an Optiplex 7040M and 9020 USFF on their front two ports. I have the mouse/keyboard one one and when I use a external drive on the other. It interferes with the mouse signal. Think it might be just the proximity.

    • If the other port is USB 3.0 and is running USB 3.0 devices, then yes it will interfere with the wireless connectivity of nearby devices.
      Intel published a study about this, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do hyperlinks but nevertheless, it shouldn't be difficult to find online if you search with "intel usb 3.0 interference".
      If you have a wireless dongle, put it as far from USB 3.0 as possible, like putting your wireless dongles on the front PC case, and USB 3.0 at the back. If you put them near a USB 3.0 line and is unshielded, it will mess with the wireless connectivity 10 out of 10 times. If you manage to find a shielded USB 3.0 cable, it still has a chance to mess up the wireless connectivity. But if you run a USB 2.0 devices with 3.0 ports near a wireless dongle, it won't interfere with it.

      I have an Orico 10 USB 3.0 hub, and is currently occupying 9 of those. I'm currently using 14 USB ports, honestly could use more if I didn't have a second computer as work computer with graphic tablets and cad mouse.

      • A similar happens with using a wireless dongle for a headset on a PS4, while having a USB external hard drive. The solution is to get a USB cable extension so the dongle is a few meters away from the external hard drive. If you don't, the wireless headset will constantly cut in and out.

    • So thats whats happening, I've been trying forever to see why - thank you!

      • it's not exclusive to the Orico. If they're using the same header, this is going to happen. If the front of your case has multiple USB ports, and you use them at the same time, you're also going to run into problems like this.