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[eBook] Free Chess: Think and Play Like Grandmaster: Workbook to Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953, Rounds 1-8 @ Amazon


Another legendary book by Vladlen Popolitov, a Russian chess player, which includes the games played in rounds 1-8 during the Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953.
All games of this tournament were analyzed in the book of David Bronstein , that is considered as the best chess book of all times. If you have any book about this tournament, you should play the game from my book “move by move,” then you can look the commentaries and variations from your book.

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    Not that im a great player wish i new someone in teal person who could play, its not the same playing chess online


      google, 'Chess club near me'

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    legendary book

    On what basis?

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      Someone is salty.


    Well it's about time!

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    "Popolitov, Vladlen:

    World Rank (All players):
    FIDE ID:
    FIDE title:
    Online Arena:
    Arena FIDE Master
    std 1237
    rapid 1269
    blitz 1252

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    Op, have you looked inside this book or a you Vladlen Popolitov?

    It's just each game with a couple of moves and X to play? and then you guess next move by the Grandmaster. Go to chessgames.com etc. and don't waste your time with this crap.

    Btw, I have David Bronstein's book - this is nothing like it.

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      I haven't looked inside the book nor I am him. I just think any ozbargained items are legendary!

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    Whilst this guy's OTB rating is only average, it's important to note he is a Arena FIDE Master so he is still 2000 playing strength online. There is still a lot you might be to able to learn. Althought most people learn nowadays by watching videos and playing online puzzles etc.


      Arena FIDE Master (AFM) is achieved by a series of 150 bullet games, 100 blitz games or 50 rapid games with a performance rating of over 1400

      My rating is higher than this guys lmao