My eBay Sales Have Stalled

I sell unusual clothing items on Ebay, and have averaged 1 sales a day between $40-$70 each so it's been good.
but i have only had one sales since 4th September.
I don't really have time to understand all Ebays conditions/promotions, but i tried a promotion a few weeks back, that cost $3.85 so I added $5.00 to the price.
Sales never climbed above historical averages so I didn't bother again.
Just thinking Ebay has decided my products aren't price sensitive, so I am missing out on search results unless I use their promotion.
I acknowledge that theoretically the easy answer is just to increase my prices, but are there other options?

Or is online buying finally stalling?

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  • Have you asked friends and family to search as if they want the items to test the theory?

    • No, but I never did before, so don't really have a baseline. you have to be looking for something different like a Marlon Brando style jacket. Sales just ticked over, so i was never concerned about performance.

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    i tried a promotion a few weeks back, that cost $3.85 so I added $5.00 to the price.

    Maybe people realised you're a price jacker.

  • Paste your ebay link so we can review and comment

  • Do you sell trackies or PJs? Victoria's clothing of choice the past 6 months.

  • I acknowledge that theoretically the easy answer is just to increase my prices, but are there other options?

    Usually stores drop prices to increase sales, not hike them.

  • my sales have gone quiet. I figure people have either reigned in spending or bought everything they want/need.

  • 1 sale a day isn't exactly a great number. If you have a run of 10 days with just one fewer sale per day, then you'll have 10 days with no sales at all.

    Where are you finding these clothes, and how many of your sales have been to repeat customers? Why are you only selling one per day.

  • Do you think it is people ditching Ebay and turn to Amazon or Kogan or Catch?

    Ebay is only a platform for retailers, the amount of small/hobby sellers has been reduced exponentially.

    The price is being pushed up with less competition, higher selling fee and unsearchable selected item discount. All turning people away from Ebay.

    I want to see their sales compare to last 2 years.

  • I run an eBay small business, my business provides products to companies and some end-user products (70% business related products, 30% other products).
    May and June were really good months. July, August and September my sales have declined about 60% (give or take). The eBay seller dashboard gives you the ability to review statistics related to 'Promoted' and 'Organic' listings and their impressions on the market, just took a look now and August dropped by about 50% and it's slowly declining.

    I don't make mega dollars from it either so it does hurt when you work 20% less hours at your full-time job due to COVID and rely on your side venture to assist financially. I wasn't financially healthy (Stable, not healthy) prior to COVID hence why I started such a venture.

    I'm not going to go in depth about what i sell, I'm eager to maintain anonymity

    Lets not forget that eBay and PayPal take approx 13.5% of all sales collectively, and then you have other outgoings (freight, packaging etc) so slow months do hurt; although anything is better than nothing.

    • Thanks, same same, i have been at this for ten years, just keeping an ear to the ground mainly for end lots and closeouts, and was looking forward to a good lead up to Xmas, which appears to be disappearing. Previously, it has always climbed Sept to Dec.
      I did find a "Review your Traffic" page, which has useful information, so thanks for the lead, and I will pay more attention in future.
      I ship nationally, and get pretty good rates from 3PL which helps.

  • People are probably straying away from ebay because of postage delays and their lack of helpfulness when the issue is raised.

  • If you have something selling steadily, one sale a day on average is steady, then dont change anything about the ad, leave it how it is, just make sure you have stock and the ad never has to be taken down

  • Are they vintage clothes? Have you tried selling on depop?

  • You mention your clothing is unusual. In this COVID world with restrictions on group gatherings would this be stifling demand for your product.
    If you product is unique then price should not be a key decision maker, however if there are plenty of other sellers selling the same thing you need to be competitive.
    I would suggest you may be best to broaden your offer, as you sound like you are in a very niche category, very similar to someone playing on the stock market you become very exposed if you have all your eggs in the one basket.

    • Definitely niche. Small quantities of 30 different but related products, may take a year to sell through, or longer if it doesn't start moving again. but I will move into something else when I find something else at the right price. It's not price sensitive. You can sell a T-shirt fro $5 to $500, depending on a hundred factors.