Does Patagonia Go on Sale Locally?

Hey guys,

I'm after some gear for next winter and was hoping now its warming up that I might get it a bit cheaper, but all the Patagonia stuff appears to still be full price.

Does it ever go on sale in Australia?

A few US sites have it cheaper but the shipping appears to make it unviable.


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  • Patagonia is owned by and located in Argentina, so maybe try here.

  • Rarely does. If you wait long enough they do go on clearance (if any sizes are left). Their whole ethos, as you know, is not to make too much product. Do you have an outlet store in your city? There's one in Melbourne. That would also be an option.

  • Very rarely. Go to sites like endclothing when they have 20% off and free shipping

  • Patagonia is generally excluded from Surfstitch sitewide sales, but every now and then, a few pieces leak through. I've managed to pick up more than 5 pieces so far at sale price + extra 30% off.

    Not amazing but there's a few here

    As an alternative, Qantas Store sometimes has Arc'teryx for pretty good discount too

    • Nice. Yes I remember surfstich/patagonia down jackets on an ozbargain deal a few months back. Did you get one of those? i'm curious what the difference in between a nano puff and a normal down jacket too if you happen to know lol

      • nano puff is a synthetic so will be better when wet. if you don't plan on using it for adventuring, stick with down as it'll be lighter

  • There is an outlet in Vic I believe, not sure where you're based though OP.

  • Sign up to their local site any you will get notified of clearance deals. I have had a great experience once when I saw a clearance sale and wanted a down jacket.?the sale was advertised as 20% off certain styles and colours but when I clicked through the clearance items none of the styles were actually reduced. I sent them a message saying what’s going on, I was told someone would get back to me shortly. I got an email from one of their execs saying that there had been a glitch in their database and for pointing that out they would gift me a down jacket of my choice!!!! Needless to say I love Patagonia.

  • They sell worn before gear that sells for a discount. I've heard good things about it. not sure if available in Australia.

  • Whenever I got to Macpac there is Patagonia stuff in the clearance area - eg fleece tops for $50 reduced from $250!!

  • Yes just search Patagonia on the site and you'll see recent sales. I posted one a few weeks ago. What do you want to buy?

    There's a sale on right now

    • Yeah cheers, I just had a look. Was most interested in hoodies but might get a jacket too if the price is good.

      • ive seen hoodies go on sale before but they usually pick a few things out. ive never seen a blanket 20% off sale for example. jackets go on sale too.

        i have the better sweater and like it a lot! i like patagonia and what it stands for but a lot of the puffers etc are a bit expensive and hard to justify sometimes. but all the stuff i have from them has been pretty great quality

  • I took advantage of the SurfStitch email sign up coupon earlier in the year to buy some Patagonia. $20 off a hoodie was the best I could seem to find, but at the time Patagonia wasn't excluded from the list of brands they could be used for.

  • Tom's Outdoors in Tumut NSW clears old stock, including some Patagonia (current clearance items here include some Patagonia). If you can wait they have 1-2 large sales a year including Patagonia and usually free shipping.

    Patagonia also has an outlet in Geelong, but the prices aren't available online. With a visit if you're nearby or headed somewhere thataways.