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20% off Toys & Stationery from LEGO, Nerf, Vtech, Crayola @ Target


20% off LEGO, assuming across entire LEGO range. Also other brands.

https://brickhawk.com/ for price comparisons across retailers and alerts for exactly when the prices drop.

edit: Catalogue now available: https://d3i63g6yqk8ui8.cloudfront.net/imageicon/trg/prod/j00...

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  • All the good stuff already bought up by scalpers

    • Maybe… but this doesn't start for 2 days so they would have paid normal price I guess.

      • +3

        Yeah pretty fail scalping at RRP lol

        • -1

          Nah, they just return it and re-buy it at the lower price. Scalper ethics.

        • yeah they bought at rrp and selling well above!

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/565862

    Is it a dupe if the other post doesn't mention Nerf, Vtech, and Crayola?

    • +3

      Not when the other is at big w

      • +3

        Oh man. Pie in my face.

        • Easily done. I'm hoping Kmart follow too

          • +1

            @aneil915: Don't think Kmart does Toy sales anymore, at least not blanket discount ones.

    • Target VS Big W

    • BigW vs Target - two different retailers.

      • +1

        One is big, the other is smaller.

  • Target's days are numbered. They will start clearing out certain categories soon. I assume things like toys, books and electrical. I already noticed the games section in most stores is shrinking down to just a few games. I will be surprised if they last 2 years.

    • Yeah the games section in mine is pathetic, a few ancient titles at RRP from years ago

    • Same could be said for Big W…

  • Do these deals normally go live at midnight? Been eyeing off one of the lego technic sets and don't want to miss out.

    • +1

      Should be good to go midnight EST

    • +1

      give or take. BrickHawk detected the price change at 12.26am last 20% off sale.

  • Damn, just bought the Lego Yoda with the $20 Target voucher and the AT-AT with the $10 BIG W voucher 😔 yesterday

  • +1

    Harry Potter Castle Baby!

    • Gone within 30 mins

  • Razor Crest for $149 is 25% off, minus a $10 newsletter voucher and $139 is pretty good!

    • "This is the way" to buy it cheap XD

  • +1

    Started exactly at midnight. Plenty of stocks of normally hard to find lego sets.

  • +1

    Lego Super Mario Adventures 71360 for $63 ($53 with $10 off voucher) seems like a great price.

    Dom's Dodge Charger $119 ($109 with voucher).

    • +1

      what voucher

      • +1

        The $10 off $50 newsletter sign up voucher.

  • Is LEGO® Technic 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader 42099 $263 a good price? Considering is was $219 last year.

  • +1

    how long does it normally take the newsletter voucher to come through?

    • +1

      minutes. less than 10 from memory.

  • +1

    Managed to grab a Hogwarts™ Castle 71043 at midnight, good price (with 5% off gift card and 2% cashback).

    Can't beat this in a while.

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