Mystery Geek T-Shirt 10-Pack $59.99 + $6.99 Standard Delivery @ Zavvi AU


From memory this one was sort of contentious last time, but at <$7 per shirt delivered it's not terrible value …

Content, quality, style and cut of shirts vary immensely, but I got a couple of Rick and Morty ones the last time which made it worthwhile.

Available in sizes (Mens S,M,XL) (Womens S,M,L,XL) at time of posting.

From Zavvi Website:
We've restocked our mystery geek t-shirt 10 pack with all new lines, so you can fill your boots and stack those wardrobes high! Featuring big name film and game franchises such as Deadpool, The Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty, Black Panther, Fallout, and more, you’re bound to get an amazing assortment of t-shirts to add to your collection!

Purchasing multiple bundles may result in receiving duplicate t-shirts
If you prefer a baggy fit, please order a size up.

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Zavvi AU
Zavvi AU


  • How does this compare with Kmart $7 shirt?

    • Varies massively. I got one shirt that was a child's size, one so thin it's almost see through, yet another was a sports jersey material transformers one I love, plus one on a great quality black t-shirt. Mostly super thin, cheap promo ones that aren't as good as the basic kmart.

      Basically if you're the kind of person to wear random branded geeky stuff, this is great. If you want a low cost, quality t-shirt look elsewhere.

    • I got $3.50 v-necks from K-Mart last week and they're better than $15-19 H&M tees.

      • I don't know mate… when I buy $7 Kmart tees, they last 2 washes in the machine. Not really hardy tbh

  • I bought this in the past and quality was not so great…

  • I bought the battlefield 3 top like 7-8 years ago for 3aud, it’s was poly

  • I got this last time to embarrass my kids. Worked well. Now they call me Voltron.

  • It says free shipping with code TSHIRT

    Still wouldn't buy it tho.