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Pure Product Australia WPI/WPC/Casein Complex Protein Powder 4kg - Unflavoured $41.65 Delivered ($37.49 with S&S) @ Amazon AU


I bought protein 2weeks age that too sweet for me.
I think would be good idea to mix with unflavored protein.
This price would be too nice for 4kg big box.
Why 3kg - $60.35 ???
From Amazon app you can get $10 off.

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  • How does unflavoured taste? I've bought their casein before and the flavours are meh, but this deal is really good.

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      effing terrible. You'll need to add some flavouring like cocoa, or blend in some fruits

      • Hmm I might take it then. This can go in my morning porridge with a dollop of peanut butter and some banana.

        Edit: better use s&s as code doesn't seem to work anyway

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      I've been buying unflavoured casein for over a year. 140g casein, 100g Milo (dissolved) whisk adding water till it's whipped cream texture, split into 7 containers in the fridge and you have a real aussie protein mousse for dessert

  • If what's in the package is what's on the nutrition label, looks pretty damn decent to me.

  • Price jumps at checkout :(.

  • back up to $85.65

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    Found this https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07CWJ5547/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i...

    $40 for 4kg unflavoured, $36 s&s.

    • Crazy price. Thanks.

    • Good one, should get quick!

    • $47 for 5kg

  • You can buy 20kgs bags unfavoured cheap.

    Flavouring is actually super expensive, and more expensive to taste good.

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    Amazon AI quickly changed price as normal but still BANANA is on sale, DO NOT MISS IT!
    4kg for $40

    • Got one. Thanks

      Edit: now its $80+

    • Almost had the white choc at $44/4kg waited too long and it jumped to $68.

      • Got the banana for $36 with s&s

  • Pure Product have quality supps. I don't get their proteins but creatine, l-carnitine and others are good quality and economically priced. My trainer recommanded them to me and I've got no complaints so far.

    Pro Tip: Never buy from their website. Go to their eBay store where you can get free shipping and often slightly cheaper identical products. Just don't expect them to leave feedback - they're pretty dicky in that aspect.

    • Website for researching
    • eBay for purchasing
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    I used to buy their products in bulk 5kg x 4 for best discount on eBay with mixed flavours but they have increased the price for mixed flavour combination. Their website is more expensive. Somehow 5kg package is cheapest per gram, not 7, 8 or 10 kg package.
    Recently I switched to AminoZ which I found much tastier than Pure Product.

    • Thanks for the comment/feedback zenzen, I've been using Pure product for a few months now, seems very good value, but you do have to be careful with how you balance other ingredients as the Stevia definitely isn't for everyone

      I might try the latest Amino Z deal based on your recommend, always nice to have another option, and I've been happy with their Creatine etc. in the past.

  • I would prefer the product separates WPI and WPC. This product seems combining both.

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    Seriously think twice about unflavored protein - it’s worse then a cinnamon challenge

  • Is there a minimum spend required for the APPONLY10 amazon app code to apply to one's cart?

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    I have this unflavoured protein, highly recommend as ur not wasting money on sugar and flavour. I mix with berries/mango and milk to make a nice shake using my Nutribullet.

  • these guys have been tested through bulk nutrients and don't perform well, ask them for a copy of the results….

  • Recieved my order
    Great tasting and highly recommend

    • Yes me too, great taste and texture, milky rich natural sweet and silk smooth flavor. lol
      This would be good working with tropical juice ! Boost at home. (Not yet try)

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