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Stanley Flask 1.9L $45.69 + Delivery ($0 with $49 Spend & Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


@@@This deal is not for [email protected]@@but for people who need a family size vacuum bottle and who know Stanely. I have one purchased at $65+, sharing this as i am happy with mine. :)
Currently official Stanley Australia site sells this @$110 after discount.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • How long have you had it for? Cheap ones don't last more than a year, not sure if this one is good.

    • How do they fail?

      Does it stop keeping the liquid as hot/cold, or not for as long?

      I've had a cheapish one (different brand) I bought from Harris Scarfe 5 years ago and can't see a difference from when i first used it, though I don't use it daily.

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        Yes, a few I had stopped keeping liquid cold/hot. My understanding vacuum has gone.

      • My other brands stainless steel flasks start to smell after a year or so. No, vinegar and baking soda doesn't help much.
        Does Stanley have this issue?

    • Isn't Stanley "the brand" to get when it comes to thermoflasks?

      • Yes, it is. I know many people with one and are more than happy.

        I bought a Thermos one because couldn't bring myself to pay for a Stanley one and have had a good experience, after one year of regular use still keeps water hot for 12+ hours.

        At his price I would have bought Stanley.

        • I bought a Thermos 1.4L at $40 since July and can confirm it has been fantastic. The water is scorching hot for my tea even after 15 hours.

          • @Banana: are yours made in china, cause these are.

            • @iheartkfc1234: Yep, just checked, it is.

              Zojirushi is made in Thailand though. However I watched a review on thermo flasks and it didn't retain heat very well.

              • @Banana: I have a few of thermos.. they are v durable, just ok with keeping it hot, not bad, just ok. Stanley is as durable as thermos but much better in keeping the temperature. I ordered one Zojirushi for my daughter, will see how it is compared to thermos or Stanley.

      • Big plus is that Stanley has a lifetime warranty which they actually honour according to some comments I've seen. They've sent out free stoppers to people who've lost them and replaced damaged thermoses. May depend on how you approach them?

        I have a couple of old Aladdin's which still work properly after decades of intermittent use, although one was never great at keeping things hot for hours because of the stopper design. The newer of the two has a "rubber" O ring mid way on the stopper to prevent heat from escaping.

    • Actually this is not cheap one like ones in kmart or target.

    • The plastic ring on mine is starting to wear out which results in bits of turquoise plastic in the water.

  • I have Thermos vacuum flask from nearly x5 years and still going great , keep my drinks warm at least 15hours . Very happy and worth money spend.


    • Have many Thermos flasks in the past and all have served me well. Definitely recommend having a look at the flask above and the other products in Thermos range.

  • I bought one from Costco about 6 months ago. Used it during peak winter. Amazing product and has never had any heat decipitation issues.

    Highly recommend if this is the same as Costco.

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    I have a Thermos Work Bottle 1.2l . It was working great but failed after a year or so. Thermos replaced it by warranty, the next one have been working well for about 3 years now.
    Bought this one as I need a bigger bottle

  • Thanks OP, just picked up one for me and one for a gift, great value. I did get a warning stopping me from adding the 2nd in the store page but was able to up it to two in checkout. May be out of stock soon.