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Free: Smith's Oven Baked Chips 130g @ Woolworths Everyday Rewards


Just found this deal in my emails. It is the Smith's new oven baked chips. Check everyday rewards or email to get this freebie. Hope it works for you guys.

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Everyday Rewards
Everyday Rewards


  • Looks to be targeted? Its not in my Rewards app. I get a free mango pepsi max….

    • I just got the email. Maybe haven't sent it to every one yet.

      • +11 votes

        Yeah, I'm sure that the employee manually sending the emails out one by one is just on their break.

        • +7 votes

          Well, I'm sure that their outgoing SMTP service does not send all the emails at once, and may take some time to work though the tens of thousands of recipients.

          • @b2dz: If they're using an email service provider like SendGrid, it can be done very quickly.

            • @node modules: Just checked, using outbound MX server on Gmail. Not surprising as they are using Google Apps for their office productivity.

              Regardless, my point is that when mailing large amounts of recipients, it's quite possible to have delays receiving the message between recipients.

    • You are all correct. Just got my email through

    • I get a free mango pepsi max….

      Well I got a 2x points so :P
      wanna swap ahaha

    • I actually was in woollies today i think there on special and was tempted as i felt like chips and dip! Didn't get them.
      Got the email tonight.
      I will now, i think you get a week to use them. (16th sep to the 22nd)
      Last week i got a free offer for the 600 ml Barista iced coffee or you could get the chocolate one, which is my fav brand in iced coffee, so got it the other day.
      Would be good if it becomes a weekly thing!

      • 600 ml Barista iced coffee or you could get the chocolate one, which is my fav brand in iced coffee

        You're kidding. Oh well benefits of liking it is that it doesn't even need refrigeration because it's made off UHT milk. I'll let someone other than Coca Cola make my coffee lol.

        • For a supermarket UHT milk its the best…I understand how many wouldn't like it, but if that's your thing i recommend it.
          And nope wasn't kidding ;)

          • @missladybug:

            For a supermarket UHT milk its the best

            Well yes it's the best UHT milk iced coffee but that's not saying much at all lmao
            Perks of actually being able to stomach this though is being able to get a coffee on the go from a vending machine rather than scrambling to find a coffee shop :P
            I must say I envy that lol

  • +6 votes

    Just got mine in email. Activated, starts tomorrow. Looking forward to trying it, then never buying them until they are 50% off.

  • Got mine in an email and activated for tomorrow, had the Pepsi Max Mango last week as well 2 weeks in a row is unusual for woolworths to be giving me so many freebies.

  • Fingers crossed, I'm waiting for the email too!

  • -2 votes

    Dam. Means they will be all out of stock (gets ozbagained)…….did you have to post this (joke).
    I better get down there first thing in the morning and queue to ensure I get my 10 packs for all the Woolies accounts that I have :-)

    • Hahaha. Obviously some OZBargainers have no sense of humour here (with the negs). Oh dear….Covid19 and lockdowns must be getting to some. Grab a bag of free chips to cheer you up :-)

  • Haven't got it. Have purchased them already may be why.
    They are ok. But they are not all potato, there were a fair few ingredients added to it, which is disappointing.
    Was expecting same as chips just not fried

    Probably would buy again at half price

  • My family and I have literally never received one of these (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • These are the best Chips, ate a whole packet in one sitting. Delicious.

    • IMO they're below average, bought two packs to try two of the flavours and certainly won't be buying again.

      Best new snack flavour I've tried recently is Red Rock Tangy Roast Tomato Relish tortilla chips.

    • The whole pack in one sitting? Huh………are you saying that you generally save some for later. It's only a small bag :-)

      I only got through a few and chucked the rest as didn't like them at all. Unfortunately they were out of the salt flavour so had to do with Chicken ones. Also got the Chive one which I gave away as not a fan of flavoured chips (other than salt).
      Much prefer Red Rock chips and their crunch compared to these crinkled types. Pity the salt ones were all sold out (or should I say given out).

  • If anyone's had Baked Lays in the US, they're much better. Those came out in 1995, so it's only taken us 25 years to get baked chips in Australia. Well done. That said, these aren't bad, they're just not quite up to Frito Lay standard.