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[eBook] Free: "How to Answer Interview Questions: 101 Tough Interview Questions” $0 @ Amazon AU, US


Employers ask you a hundred different interview questions… but what they really want to know is, “Why should we hire you?” If you get interviews but you don’t get the job, you have not explained that to them. This is the book that will show you how to use your answers to get the job.

What This Book Will Do For You:
• Tell you why interviewers ask certain questions
• Show you what they are looking for in your answer
• Give you strategies for answering the toughest questions
• Warn you about answers that will kill your chances
• Give you “How To” tips, phrases, and words for answering 101 job interview questions

What Kinds of Questions Are In the Book?
- Tell me about yourself.
- What’s your greatest weakness?
- What salary are you looking for?
- Why do you want to join this company?
- Why should we hire you?
- Why do you have a gap in your employment history?
- Tell me about a time when you failed.
- Describe a time when your work was criticized and how you handled it.
- What motivates you?
- What questions do you have for us?

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    Yay free

  • +1

    Question 102: how comments have you made on OzBargain?

    • +23

      by using proper grammar

      • +2

        And not bolding every third word. #jv

    • -2


  • +1

    Question 104: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Where Am I Going?

  • +7

    Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    A. Living in a lockdown, trying to survive the pandemic.

    • zombie apocalypse

  • +1

    105: What's the deal with politics? I don't get it — am I right, people?

  • Thank you Peggy McKee..

  • +2

    "I don't answer questions for nothing. My day rate for consulting is $2k paid in advance."

  • +1

    Isn’t that a book published back in 2012? Perhaps it should be updated to include questions like “tell me how you operate when working from home…” or “how do you lead a team remotely?”.

  • -1

    Best thing to do is to ask most of those questions back.

  • +6

    Q. 106: Why do they call it Ovaltine?

  • +2

    Q. 107: Toilet paper, over or under?

    • +4

      Box of tissues as there was no stock of TP

    • Over is correct apparently.

  • +10

    I had to sit in a couple of job interviews today. In one of them my manager decided to ask a question to test the candidates intelligence. Question was off the top of his head. What's 7 X 12 he asked. I swear this dumass asked that.

    Worst part was that the lady couldn't even answer wouldn't even give a rough estimate of what it could be 😂

    • +7

      70 and a bit

    • +1

      that would throw me off tbh. I'd get the answer but it might take 10 secs

    • +2

      wouldn't even give a rough estimate of what it could be

      Let me rephrase. You're making $12 per hour and you worked 7 hours. How much money you got?

  • +3

    You purchased this item on 29 April 2020.

    • +7

      Did you see yourself here six months ago?

  • +11

    Meanwhile mate on the other side of the table is reading the book "How to Ask Interview Questions".

  • +4

    I wonder how with all the selection and “smart” interviews they do to candidates I still see so many incompetent people in all kind of workplaces

    • +10

      HR is just where they put people with good networking skills but no aptitude for anything worthwhile.

    • Coz they cleared the interviews by reading this book :D

      • My experience, if the interview panel asks questions similar to this book then they are just killing time and really not interested to hire you. Every time I got actual skills related questions and real discussion about past experience, I got selected.

        • +1

          Depends on the culture of the organisation and compliance with so called 'expected processes'. When I spent time in government roles my notes from doing interviews and evaluations had to be specific on elements that overlap with some of these questions.

          Like you say the real substance though is in the discussion about actual experiences and how it applies to the opportunities and challenges of the role.

  • +7

    It's amazing that job interviews are still the main way of hiring in 2020. It tests a skill that for most jobs isn't relevant, without testing the actual relevant skills.

    • +6

      I think for most high end jobs the employer seeks you or you find them via networking rather than an open position. Job interviews seem to be mainly for entry level positions.

      • networking

        Damn I need a book how to be a "people-person" :(

        • It should be a course unto itself.

  • Thank you for posting this good deal ^^

  • +4

    i went to an interview once and the guy started reeling off the standard bullshit questions in this book. we both actually started laughing at the same time, he ended up just saying something like 'yeah youve got the job i dont know why i am doing this'.

    • Sometimes just the setting of asking any question at all can be the "interview", just seeing how you respond, if you can respond. If you can sit in an interview and answer questions about your favourite Beatle or color for half an hour, then you're probably socially adept enough to navigate a lot of workplace and client conversations and the hiring manager can be sure you at least won't be awkward. But if you act like your time is being wasted by stupid questions, then you might act the same way around coworkers or clients which could offend them or hold up work you were meant to do together. Interviews are bullshit, but at the same time they aren't. Working for the man is bullshit in the first place imo.

  • Didnt allow me to purchase from my Kindle saying it's for US. customers?

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    Q: "Where do you see yourself in five years?"
    A: "Looking for a new job when you outsource or offshore mine or replace me with someone younger you want to pay less (for a while)"
    "Correct answer! You're hired (for now)!"

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