Trying to Understand The Difference between These Two Stocks LRS and LRSOC

What is the difference between these two stocks and why is one so more expensive then the other also why does one have a expiration date


  • ordinary share
    The most commonly traded security in Australia. Holders of ordinary shares are part-owners of a company and may receive payments in cash, called dividends, if the company trades profitably. They have no preferential rights as to either dividends out of profits or capital on a winding up.

    Contract between two parties giving the taker (buyer) the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a pre-existing underlying asset at a particular price on or before a particular date

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    if you don't know what options are you shouldnt be buying them

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      never said anything about buying simply just trying to learn and if i don't ask then how would i learn

  • Next stop is futures and derivatives.

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      or asking a Taxi Driver.

  • if you wish to learn, go to the asx site, then any industry fund site, then various broker sites. not here.

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