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Heinz Tomato Ketchup 4L $11.14 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Just thought this is an incredible deal for Heinz Tomato Ketchup. The best tasting out there and so this is very good value :)

Enjoy your buy.

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  • Rosella. Wouldn't touch Heinz for all the eneloops in the world :p

    Yeah ok I would but something something step 3 profit.

  • At Coles it's 1l $3.50 on special this weekend. I used to buy 4l ketchup bottles from costco but then your stuck with it in your fridge taking heaps of space.

    • Fridge? You’re doing it wrong.

      • "Refrigerate After Opening"

        • Is an unnecessary direction on the bottle.

          • @mskeggs: Depends on your consumption and storage conditions.

            A bottle lasts me 2 months and I'd rather not keep it out in a sunny spot in the kitchen for that long.

            • @bouncybear: Pop it in a cool, dark place like the pantry and it will last indefinitely. Like, easily more than a year.

              • @mskeggs: Yeah, my point was either Heinz puts the standard and easy "Refrigerate After Opening" or give you detailed alernative instructions how to keep it fresh-ish.

                As you see, some directions are necessarry.

                • @bouncybear: If your instincts tell you to store any food out in the sun for months, then yeah directions are necessary.

                  • @watts: I find them useful in a multucultural country. You've heard of places where you actually dry food to preserve. Or other places where you can toss a burger in a drawer and it's OK after a year.

                    Some people take their vinegary sauces for granted. I appreciate the discourse tho!

  • I know the label says ketchup (guess catsup doesn't have the right ringto it) but sauce please. The "Yankification" of our language has already gone too far. What next, cookies, gas, deefence, aloominum, labratory…
    Nice sauce but I'm pretty sure it's under $3/l when on special at WW. The cheaper ALDI sauce tastes a lot like this. Sorry, no, was thinking Fountain, the ex Aussie company (isn't everything these days?), now Japanese.

    • Ketchup is unique and not the same as tomato sauce.

      • Ketchup == catsup = tomato sauce.
        Ketchup is actually a generic north American term for what we call tomato sauce, hence my comment. Its ingredients and formula has changed considerably over the decades and differs from maker to maker, like our tomato sauce. Like thousands of other food and drink products ketchup/tomato sauce has a different formula for its target market but they are essentially the same thing for the same purpose. Like cookies and biscuits, pop and soft drink the difference is primarily language related.



        • They are similar, BUT different enough Heinz offer 2 different products in the Australian market.

          I like either, but there is definitely a difference and growing up in American culture, I prefer ketchup.

          • @appxl: Read the links, you might be surprised appxl. I agree the contents are slightly different, the terms however are equivalent. We use tomato sauce, USA uses ketchup. As I've already said many equivalent products here and in the USA (and elsewhere for that matter) have slightly different ingredients, % of ingredients, and local labels. Simple test whether ketchup is the USA equivalent of our tomato sauce. Ask an American if they want ts on their hot dog? Not suggesting you fit the mould but it seems too many on this website have grown up in an American culture - of blissful ignorance.

    • I think ketchup and tomato sauce are different

      Edit: Aussiezed beat me to it

      And I dunno. I view biscuits as an umbrella term i.e. all cookies are biscuits but not all biscuits are cookies

    • There's a separate recipe that heinz call 'big red tomato sauce'

  • Aren't these meant to stand upside down on the lids these days?

  • Thanks. Got 1.

    Did anyone else received a peomotio al discount of $5.60? I can't tell wheres that from.

  • It is over.

  • The organic ketchup from Heinz is noticeably nicer.