Apple AirPods Pro $316.31 + Delivery @ MediaForm ($300.49 with Officeworks Pricebeat)


This is exact same deal posted here a while ago by Buy2Much on 20/07/20
I missed at that time and so was keep checking.
Just noticed that it's reduced to same price again @Mediaform and this time I managed to successfully Price Beat @Officeworks for $300.49 (Pick-up)
Lady was kind enough to overlook delivery considering I'm in the state which used to be once 'The Place To Be'
So, people in VIC can try the same - happy to share my receipt.

EDIT: Here's the Receipt -

*** Description below copied from Previous Deal *** Thanks to OP at that time:Buy2Much

This deal would be great for people in NSW and QLD where Mediaform has their stores so they can either pick up or try OW price beat.
Other states can try ask OW price beat without shipping cost added. Mediaform quoted delivery to Perth $40 so price beat may be less over here!

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  • Hi OP, would you mind posting your receipt please? :)

    • I'm more than happy to do it @mustard but can you or anyone please enlighten me how do I go about doing it ? sorry for my ignorance !!

    • Click on your profile and hit view Tab.
      Under View there are couple of sub tabs.
      Click on Files.
      Upload your receipt there.
      Remember to black out your confidential infos

      Once files get uploaded. Copy and paste the link here.

      Alternatively, you can just use Imgur.
      You need to sign up thou

      • thanks mate :)

        • Hey mate,
          Delete the upload ASAP.

          Use any photo editor and hide your personal infos there as I advised you earlier

          • @fantoo: Thanks fantoo for you concern & advice :) but I've already faked my name totally and alsmost faked my add. too
            Just decided to keep there deliberately so people don't have any issue using it as a proof coz I wasn't sure what details Officeworks will look at to consider this receipt as legitimate !!
            I'm hoping it'll work out for some at least :)

            • @P4phantom: How does one go about using another's receipt to match pricing?

              ps: I can head over to werribee for pickup. still remember which sales person you spoke to?

  • With iOS 14 and spatial audio enabled for video, these are almost black magic good.

  • eBay plus is doing another run of $249 airpods pros….

  • Just as an update for anyone in VIC, looks like it depends on who you get on the phone and whether they’re nice enough to consider waiving the delivery charge! Mine unfortunately wouldn’t budge but lockdown has worn my determination down so I ended up paying $309.90. Someone remove my ozbargain membership…

  • Hi @P4phantom if you can upload the receipt that would be great! :)

    • I've just uploaded the receipt and pasted the link above in original post.

      • i would advise to mask your personal details in the receipt

        • Thanks desparito for you concern & advice :) but I've already faked my name totally and alsmost faked my add. too
          Just decided to keep there deliberately so people don't have any issue using it as a proof coz I wasn't sure what details Officeworks will look at to consider this receipt as legitimate !!
          I'm hoping it'll work out for some at least :)

  • Awesome thanks op! We managed to get pricebeat at Five Dock, NSW.

  • Confirming that Officeworks were happy to price beat at $300.49 for me over the phone, with no delivery fee as I asked for click & collect.

    • We prompted West ryde OW and they refused to honour the OW price match. Their best price was $326.

      • Got mine from North Ryde Officeworks for $300.20. Though lots of questions was asked lol

      • I am currently sitting in my car which is parked in west Ryde shopping centre, and doing last min check before heading to west Ryde ow. Good, now I don’t need to waste my time there.

  • I remember getting a price beat for airpods pro at officeworks for $293.. they didn't seem very happy and very shocked everyone was like how is that possible. Felt like a criminal lol!

    • I don’t like getting price beat in person at officeworks. A few of the time, they made me feel like I am fabricating the competitor’s deal and that I am trying to con them out of their precious. Not to mention the suspicious glances I received from them.

  • Alternatively, TobyDeals AU has it currently for $305 with free shipping

  • Just got off the phone with Officeworks, they price beat at $309.90 with delivery.

  • Just did a price beat here in Stage 4 Victoria for $300.49 click and collect. Thanks OP!

  • Closest OW is within 5.9km. Not sure if I should risk it haha

  • Got one with price beat. Thanks

  • thanks just grabbed some in VIC as well

  • Thank you OP, just got some with free delivery for $300.49 from Officeworks. Lovely customer service person, was extremely helpful (and knew about MediaForm offer without having to look it up).

  • Got mine from North Ryde OW for $300.20. Though wasnt easy and lots of questions was asked. Asked about shipping as well and I told them I could just order them online and pickup at their office.


    • Got mine from North Ryde OW for $300. I had funny experience with JB HiFi @ Macquire Center in Sydney; the bloke there told me that they can't price match because it is too less and that even employees of JB do not get it at that price, I never knew that was a criteria for price match. May be he purchased the pods at a higher price and wasn't happy about it :D

      Then I went to OW, they were happy to beat the price. They were aware of MediaForm (maybe from you haha) and no questions were asked.

      Thank you OP

  • $309 at Officeworks with delivery.

    Would not honour TecoBuy or TobyDeals given difference in product SKU (MWP22 vs MWP22ZA/A)

  • OW price beat mine at $309.90 with delivery or collect order. Wouldn’t accept scanned receipt (thank you for trying, P4phantom!), stating the OW employee must have forgotten. Wasn’t happy to “forget” the delivery fee also…

  • Officeworks honoured the price match at $300.49 for pick-up in Melbourne. They didn't give me any grief regarding postage as the online store is located interstate.

  • thanks op! I price matched in Chatswood officework, apparently they heard this offer, the whole process was smooth and fast, didnt ask me anything, but they only allowed me to buy one, but anyway thanks op

    • There's a chance of updated ones being announced alongside the iPhone 12 soon. Nearly a year since they first came out. Might happen, might not. Just so you know.

  • When I tried calling Officeworks, they immediately said they can't even check the price to price beat because the price "might change". Is that just a way to avoid price matching because its a far distance to the nearest Officeworks.

  • Made the mistake and ordered through mediaform to avoid the officeworks pricematch headache.

    BIG MISTAKE. Please keep in mind these guys use Aramax (fastway). One of the worst couriers in Australia.

    Will suggest everyone avoid.

  • Thanks OP, been on the lookout for awhile!

  • Local store said they are not doing Price Beat and put me on to 1300 633 423, they actioned it straight away at $300.49 for click & collect at my local. Thank you OP.