Bought a Used Car from a Dealer and It Had a Bald Tyre Who Should Pay for It?

I have recently purchased a used car 2017 model from a dealer in Victoria, I am originally from NSW. The car passed roadworthy as well over there.
I had the car delivered to me and coulddnt inspect in person.

my mechanic checked the front tyre and it was completely bald on the inner side not the outer visible side. when i say bald its like literally without any treads on one side.
I have been told that its not roadworthy and must be replaced.

Dealer says its not under warranty and its been already passed in roadworthy in Victoria. Who is responsible to pay for the tyre?

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  • Bob Jane

  • Bridgestone. Wait for 3 for 4 tyres special.

  • If there is a roadworthy certificate and you already inspect it and bought it, congratulation it's yours :)

  • So you bought a car sight unseen, interstate without warranty?
    I know casino's got closed for a while but wow, the resourceful nature to gamble is quite amazing!

  • you

  • It is possible that the dealer pulled this one …. but now it is for you to change since they have given roadworthy and you could not inspect at the time of delivery…

  • Ahh another stealership post!

    Unless you got an independent inspection done on the car and the report said all tyres were in acceptable condition (i.e. the dealer did burnouts with the car after you had it inspected & paid for it) & you had paperwork to state that the car would be delivered in a condition identical to that when the inspection was done, you've got nothing to lean on.

    Even then, the effort to go fight and prove that it was them who wrecked the tyre wouldn't be worth anyone's time, and its even less likely the dealer would accept damages .

    Its not a warranty item, nor do dealers even give guarantee's for that sort of thing, once you buy the car its yours, you need to take your own due diligence and accept the risks when buying site unseen. The only time you'd have any chance, if it were a brand new car and you could then chase them up for unreasonable use of YOUR car if they were to make a tyre bald in such a short period of time. But in your circumstance with he car being used, they'll always claim usual wear & tear.

    A roadworthy is just a legal/administrative statement that the car was in a roadworthy condition when the car was inspected (could be yesterday or 2 months ago). Anything can happen in that time, and if the tyre was barely legal back then its not unreasonable for it to be bald now (However i do suspect foul play if its like how you describe)

    My 2c:

    Anyways, with the cost of individual tyres being at most $300, just cop it (either one tyre of both tyres on that axle) and get on with your life (unless its a Subaru, then you need to replace all 4, or get a new one skimmed down). A $500-600 expense isnt a big deal given you just bought a 3 year old car, which i guess would've cost upwards of $15k, and being 3 years old would already be at least halfway through its expected tyre life.

    Just take it as an opportunity to potentially replace all the tyres using the promotions that often come up and keep yourself and others safer on the road. But no matter what you're the one who's going to pay.

    I would suggest calling up the dealer and ranting about it. Although unlikely, you might get something out of it, and otherwise threaten to leave a negative review on their site (& google), which you should follow up on if they dont take any steps to resolve the matter or otherwise dismiss it. Maybe then you can help someone else when they look to buy from them .