Request - Screenshots of TGGC Prices for a Few Items

Hi All

About to settle into a new house soon, and want to get some new appliances. It would be great if someone could post the good guys commercial screenshots so that I can try and price match at local stores. For these items:

RF610ADX5 -
WAW28620AU -


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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • Fridge = $2048.00
    Washer = $1425.00
    Dryer = $472.00

    side note - cheapest i've seen Bosch products is actually David Jones when they have their 15-20% discount


    Got a great deal on the washer, not through TGG Commercial. $1150

    Never posted an image before so I hope this link works.

    Also just FYI - I bought the 7kg version of the dryer and it SUUUUUUUCKS…. Lint everywhere. The lint filter doesn't trap lint properly, there's lint in the drum, doorseals, outside the lint filter. I'd stay well away from this dryer.

    • whoa thanks for the feedback on the dryer! I'll definitely look at another model then. Was told electrolux was a good brand for dryers after simpson… amazing price on the washer too!!! i'll see what my locals can do

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